Thursday, 10 October 2013

Your Mission As A Christian.

I promise you, I have no intention of 'directing' your life. Nor do I want to pretend that I 'KNOW' it all. Because I really don't. But I just want to share with you what God told me this morning on the way to work. For me, it was a confirmation of what I sort of already know. But for many of you, I believe, with all due respect, it is something you are still struggling with. I may be wrong. If I am, forgive me. Just take it as confirmation of what you already knew and agreed with. If I am right, then my sister, my brother, ask God to help you see that THIS is the main thing. The main reason you are here is for THIS. The main reason you were born is THIS. In short, your MAIN mission as a Christian is this. I did not 'form' it. I am telling you as God told it to me. For every Christian out there, THIS is your main mission:

To make known the Love of God and to represent your unseen Father in heaven so that the men on earth might know what the Father is like because of you. Your mission is to live your life in such a way that, through you, people will know what Jesus Christ is like. You are to show forth the holy love of God  in earthly form. My dear sister and brother reading this now, as a believer, God knows where you are. He knows where you live. He knows where you work. And He needs you! He has chosen you to be His representative in the circle in which you move. Fix your heart on this! God has fixed His heart on you and saved you so that you can exhibit to those who surround you  the very image of His unseen glory! Come on my love, don't you see what an honour this is? God, Great God has counted you worthy to represent HIM! Is there any mission more honorable than this?

See, my personal person, no matter what else you seek to do with your life, if it does not start with this great mission, I fear you build in vain. I may be simple but this I know: Until we make God and representing Him our number one mission, all other missions or goals or personal statement will come to naught.

I'm just saying.

Like I said earlier, I am really tired. My head and back aches. It's past 9pm and my last born son is waiting for me to come do his devotional and pray with him but this is equally important....So please read my blog again and think about it. What is your mission in this life? Is it about God?

Or is it just about  you?

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