Friday, 11 October 2013

Our Mission (Im) Possible

With God? That's right! ALL things are possible!
We will fulfill our mission just like Jesus did!
Do you remember my post from yesterday? Your Mission As A Christian? Well this morning I woke up with John 17:18 on my mind. Trust me this does not happen to me often. Songs? Yes. Scriptures? No. So when it does I pay attention. I could not wait to get out my Bible to look it up. I knew God had something important to share with me by doing this. People, I was totally blown away! Because what I read in that verse is more or less a confirmation of what I blogged yesterday. Listen:

John 17:18: Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world

This is Jesus Christ talking to His PapaGod. He was praying for the disciples. Now, why did God send Christ into the world? To show the world what God in human form looked like. To show the world God's Love and His Will that all men should be saved and gain eternal life. Is this not more or less what I was saying yesterday?

We all know that Christ fulfilled his own mission and  as he ascended into heaven,  he gave the mission to his disciples....and today, that means you and I who call ourselves by his name! We are his present day disciples! Jesus Christ handed over His mission to us! As God sent him, he is now sending us! I just love God so much because I believe he brought this scripture to my mind to 'confirm' my blog. In case someone out there thought I was 'forming' ITK. Lol!

Now you know o! It is not Salt that is sending you on any errand o! It is the Jesus Christ you have chosen to be Lord and Saviour of your life. And if indeed he is your Lord....then you must obey him and do all that he sends you to do.

So let's go! Let's go out there and fulfill our mission! It is not impossible to do all Jesus Christ did. In fact, he promised that we would do even greater things than he did. Can you imagine? Yes, with the help of God's Spirit living in us and helping us every step of the way, we are not  on some Mission Impossible like Tom Cruise. 

No. Our Mission is very Possible.

P. S. Maybe it's just me but does this not answer that ever nagging questions we all have? You know, the 'Why I am here? question. Now you know. 

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