Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Moving God From The Number 1 Position

What? Am I serious? You bet I am. But what do I really mean by moving God from being the 'Numero Uno' in our lives? Some might say I am just  playing on semantics and that is fine but it will not stop me from explaining *smiling*. When I am done, you can be the judge.

I am saying this because I see now that God being just 'Number One' is not enough. We need him to be more. If we are to walk in all the 'Love Attributes' (Patience, Kind, Persevering, Not given to anger, Not given to envy, Keeps no records, Always Hopes, etc)  we cannot just make God our 'Priority' during the 1st hour of our day  only to go off and do what ever like from hour  2 to 24! He has to be our 'Priority' every hour and this can only be achieved if we move God from No. 1 to 'Our Centre'.

You see when God is your centre, He 'colours' all that you do. All the time. From His centre position His influence radiates over every aspect of your life and you are thinking about Him and bringing him to bear on ALL that you do, ALL the time. Let me put it this way:

I wake up in the morning and because God is my centre, I spend my first waking moments thanking him, praising him and planning my day with him. Before I go to take a shower, because God is at the forefront of my thoughts, I give my mgm a kiss expressing my love because I am acutely aware of God's love for me. As I go to wake my son, because God is my centre, I hug him and pray God's spirit be with and fill him continually during his day at school. As I get into my car, because God is my centre, I do not give my driver a verbal lashing as he tells me we need to stop for fuel when he knows I hate to do that in the mornings (why did he not tell me last night?). No because God is my centre, he influences my behavior and so I calmly remind said driver of our rules and we move on. At work, I am stuck, cannot find  a file but because God is my centre, I do not panic. Instead I calmly ask God, with whom I am in constant conversation, to help me find this missing and yes, you are right. I soon remember that I had saved it under another name. I get a negative report at work or from the doctor but God being my centre, reminds me that ONLY His counsel for me shall stand. Shall I go? Or you get my drift now? Lol! I am sure you do. I am not saying this is a picture of me today but by the grace of God it will be a picture of me tomorrow and all of my tomorrows in Jesus name. Amen!

You see, to be or react as above, we cannot keep God in some No 1 position where we don't carry him along with us every second of every moment of every hour of every day. He has got to be right there in our Centre 'affecting, colouring, influencing' every breath we take , every moment we are awake.

This, in my humble opinion, is THE WAY to becoming, to being 'The Jesus Christ' the world sees. I want to thank Tari Akhibi 'for singing that song' at work yesterday and sending it to me so I could listen to it all day yesterday I also thank God for my co-JUM moms for keeping the faith today as we prayed for our children. It was as we prayed that the song I had listened to all of yesterday crystallized into this aha moment!

So what do you think? Number 1 vs. Centre? Just a matter of semantics? 

Do share your thoughts.......*smiling*


  1. *phew*

    I was scared at first.

    Yes! Jesus the center all the way, oh how better our days will go!!

    Jesus the center from this day forward!!!

    1. *smiling* Fear not my dear.....Yes o, He must be at our centre!

  2. #LovesThis. Not like I'm not aware bout putting God first but sometimes I just loose it (road rage especially). I guess if we keep this in front of our mind, we will follow through in it... And yes I'm a testifier to God's goodness when I let him take d lead. Thanks for giving it a new meaning

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. We all do Mufasa. But somehow because I told God as I sat with him that I was physically putting him in my centre ( I actually carried out the actions as if I was carrying something in my two hands and placed it across my chest), and I did it sincerely....I have found it harder to do anything that I know will make God uncomfortable living in my 'chest'.....Not sure why this simple act of faith is working for me....but I am glad it is. God feels much closer to me now....in my centre......

  3. Grace to make God the center of my world

  4. I wish there's a way i can get this post as a sort of daily reminder till I get it right.....I need God at the centre of everything

    1. You know I could actually oblige you....lol! Yep, I will send it to you....till you tell me to stop......


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