Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How Much Love?

God to You.
How much love do you think or believe God has for you?

I am sure you  just said to yourself: A whole lot or something close. Right?

I am very careful before I say I know something for sure but when I talk about God's love for his children, I am sure that I know for sure that God loves us for sure. And I know that the love God has for us is boundless. It has no limits. Like that song we used to sing as children, His love is so high we cannot get over it, so low we cannot get under and so wide we cannot get around it.If you had to travel to get to the 'end of God's love for you' you would be travelling for an eternity and a time multiplied by infinity and you still will not get to your final destination. Yes, God loves us that much. I mean how else would you explain Him 'killing' his only son to save you?

As much as I have been 'marketing' this brand of love in my self-given role as an 'Agape merchant', I caught myself wondering today if I can really love people around me like that. I mean I might manage to get to that intensity of love for my husband, children and my sister, Mrs. Gaska but for others? I felt anxiety bubble up in me and then to make matters even more anguish-causing', God led me to read this scripture in John 13.34:

 A new commandment I give you, that you love one another. As I have loved you that you also love one another.

Do you notice how this a commandment and not a suggestion. Jesus Christ was not proposing or offering a better way. He was not saying 'if you can'. He was commanding us. He was not saying 'only if people are lovable and easy to get along with'. He did not qualify it so that means no matter when, no matter where, no matter who, we were being 'ordered' to love one another as he loved us. If you recall from up there, that was a lot of love and unconditionally so. True, you could say he was talking to his disciples so this means we are only meant to love our brothers and sisters in the Lord like this but then again......*eye brow raised* do you not see that these are sometimes the people hardest to love?

But the koko of this matter is that God has commanded us to 'love as he loved us'. If we desire to be like Christ, if we want to 'be' the Jesus Christ that people see and interact with then this must be 'The Rule of our Lives. And because it is near impossible for us as human beings, we must daily go to God for help. There is no doubt that our love will be tried out there because people are just sometimes difficult to love. So daily, secretly, each of us who desire to love like God, must go to Him for the grace to do. There is no other way around it. And as God told me, he sees our hearts and where he finds sincere willingness, his Grace will abound.

Pray with me please.

'PapaGod, OK, I hear you and I want to always obey you. So please, fill me anew with your Holy Spirit to help me. I know how much you love me. Help me love that much too. Boundlessly. Unconditionally. Patiently. Selflessly. Please make me a fountain of love out of which true agenda-less love will flow and touch lives. As from today, let being conformed to Jesus Christ be the main goal of my Christian walk and let loving like you be evidence of  this conformity. 

In Jesus Christ name. Amen


  1. Great Post! My spirit holds on to the prayer at the end. it is my life’s desire to obey him in all i do. Olorun a fun wa she….Amin!

    1. Amin o! Amin! Thanks In the midst of her for coming by and leaving a comment. I am about to share a comment that I got in my mail about this post. Then I will share my response to the person. Please feel free to comment on the comment as well as my reply. Thanks.

  2. (This is a comment I got in my mail about this post. The person has asked to remain Anonymous but is OK with me sharing this as well my reply. Please feel free to comment on both posts. - Salt)

    Where do people draw the line with this Godlike boundless and selfless love for others.
    There is a difference between love and 'consideration / empathy' for the other person within the context of our world today.
    When Christians fail to draw the line and make this distinction, all kinds of things begin to happen.
    Should a man because the bible says have love that is boundless and limitless , love his neighbours wife as christ would love him or love the woman with the intensity that he would love his own wife or himself? Boundless and with no limit?

    If your answer is yes then they have in their hands a disaster waiting to happen.

    You would argue that it's Jesus that says love, but it is the responsibility of commentators like you to make the distinction and communicate what that love means and not assume that everyone who reads understands and knows where to draw the line.

    Failing which you end up leading people astray, because there are people who will literally take that Word Love and run with it because it is the word of GOD

    Only God has the ability to love EVERYONE like that because he is God with no agenda or needs.

    The rest of us must have to have boundaries and limits to our professed love for other people within acceptable norms to remain above board.

    What is required of us a healthy dose of consideration, empathy and kindness to our fellow men.

    Failing to make this distinction and putting the burden of interpretation of that love that christ so advocates is the missing link in an otherwise beautiful piece of writing.my email about this post.

  3. (My reply was as follows - Salt:)

    The kind of love God is asking us to have is AGAPE love. It is a pure love that if adhered to does not
    permit anyone to, in the name of being a loving Christian, descend into relationships that do not glorify God. I promise, I am not in anyway advocating improper loving relationships.

    However I do agree with you. One must not assume that everyone understands the difference between Agape love and Eros/Phileo love. It should be explained.all the time.

    But I must disagree with you however on the fact that It is only God that can love in the agape way. If it was so, he would not ask to love like he has loved us. You see, this is why I put the scripture there for all to see. God is the one asking us to love like him. Yes, you can love your cook 'with the love of God'. This does not mean you go around telling her you love her and all that. It means that as Christ loves her so do you. And that love, that Agape love is kind, gentle, patient, selfless, suffers long, does not keep record of wrong, does not get angry easily, not proud, etc, The Bible is clear on What God's love is. Corinthians 13 breaks it down for us.

    THAT is all God is asking us and even that is hard with our spouses talk less of with cooks and staff and all that. I know because I struggle with it every day.

    It is when people mix their normal eros love or phileo love with Agape that disaster occurs and anyone who is deceiving themselves in some illicit affair saying it is because they want to love 'like God' is fooling him/herself and will get the just desserts for their actions.

    (So what do you think? Is there anything you would have added to this? Please share. Thanks)

  4. God is totally awesome and He knows that true love for one another is all we need to live in peace. The challenge is that a lot of people have decided to love selectively, but that is contrary to what God has commanded. We just must love the way God commands it!

  5. I do identify with what the anonymous commentator wrote. Just watched a South African soap this evening where a married church brother 'toasted' a lady, and when he his deceit was uncovered, he claimed that the Bible says we should love our neighbors. However, thanks to God given instincts and all, if our consciences have not been deadened by sin, we can tell when we are crossing boundaries and not loving the way God wants us to- with agape love.

    Loving, the God-way is impossible outside of the help of the Holy Spirit, and that's what we should crave most for-that the love of Christ be shed abroad in our hearts by His Spirit, so we can love right, without perversion.


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