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True Confessions - A Very Comprehensive Review by Unyime-Ivy King, Author of 'Burning Hurt'

My Sistapillar and Author of 'Burning Hurt' a must read book.
She has read True Confessions and here she
shares her thoughts on it. Thank you  Sis! 
I will not lie, when I was reading this review, I could not keep my head from swelling. Not with pride but with gratitude to God because of all that he allowed Unyime-Ivy to 'get' out of this book. That is my prayer for anyone who reads TC. That s/he will pick up all the Salt nuggets he has hidden in it for him/her specifically. Anyway, before I go on and on, permit me to share the most comprehensive review anyone has ever done on any of my books with you. Please as you read, do send up a prayer for Unyime that God will reward her for the time she invested in my life to do this. And remember, I would love to hear from you too when you are done reading your own copy of TC. OK?

For now, let's see what Unyime thought about it. Please note that I have left out the lessons she learnt for herself because I don't want her thoughts influencing your reading. Be that as it may, I am sure you will still enjoy all the bits I have left in and still get a very good feel about what TC has to offer from her own perspective.  I have plans for the full text *rubbing hands together mischievously* 

So here goes! Enjoy!

Bola ‘Salt’ Essien-Nelson’s latest book, ‘True Confessions’ is jam-packed with 88 pages of gripping life truths which are easily applicable in our day-to-day life, because of the  simple and easy-to-grasp style she has applied to her writing. Bola has a way with words, which resonates with her readers; it is so easy to relate to her postulations as she writes with such an authentic voice.

True Confessions’ is segmented into different sections: Salt Fables, Salt Essays, Salt Conversations with God, and Salt Confessions, each section addressing different thematic concerns and affirming old truths in new ways which challenges one to think deeply about one’s relationship with God, and fellow humans.

Each section ‘spoke’ to me. I jumped in glee when I read bits that correlated with principles and values I held, and I paused and pondered when I read some parts which made me question what I had always believed. For instance, when I read the piece on ‘Humility’ and Bola wrote that, ‘Getting offended is born out of pride…,’ I struggled with this for a while, but in the end, I was persuaded about the truth of what she had written, and I am trusting the Holy Spirit to help me in this area.

In the Salt Fables section, Bola uses a story-like style to communicate salient truths and life principles..........

    The Salt Essays opens with the author’s statement of Faith, and her reasons for believing in God. In this section, Bola’s passion and desperate need to be all that God has called her to be, is clearly seen. I identified with her thoughts.................

    Finally, ‘True Confessions’ end with the Salt Confessions chapter in which she re-affirms her faith and belief in God. She ends by not only stating her reasons for writing the book, but also invites her readers to come into a relationship with the Creator as well.

‘    True Confessions’ is indeed enriching and enlightening, and without hesitation, I recommend it to anyone who longs to have a vibrant, more meaningful relationship with God. The values and principles which Bola shares in this book are worth imbibing and living by.  I found it a most wonderful read.  

There you have it,. I hope all you have read really moves you to want to read TC for yourself.  

As part of the whole getting ready to reveal TC activities, I did a number of interviews. Click to read the one with The National Mirror


  1. I am the one that should be thanking you for allowing God to use you as His arm extended to reach out to your world. The message of TC is most needed for these times, and God will yet unveil more for you, and for other end time media evangelists that He is raising.

    Thank you very much my sister.

  2. I just got a free copy thanks to Unyiwe-Ivy and can't wait to read it.

    I know I will be mightily blessed .

  3. Of course I crave a vibrant and meaningful relationship with baba God and going by this review, I want me some TC.

    1. God bless you Unyime-Ivy!

      @Sykik: I am happy and would love to hear your thoughts on TC. By the way , did you ever get the mail I sent you?

      @Abiola: I hope you have gotten your TC o? We all need a vibrant relationship with God. It is a must have.


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