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True Confessions Book-Signing @ Laterna - The Photo-Story!

How do I describe how I felt at Laterna yesterday? How do I put into words the feelings and thoughts that were tumbling over themselves on the inside as I sat there watching different people from different parts of my life walk in to be a part of my book-signing? I doubt I can find the right words. 

You see like I told Tommie, it was not really about the numbers for me cause there could have been more people (but we have Lagos traffic and the fact that it was  a working day to thank for that). No, for me it was more about the 'quality' of the people that came. The reasons why they came. The fact that some cut classes, some had to sneak out of meetings, some defied lack of parking space and the horrid traffic and I kid you not, one person actually walked from Kofo Abayomi Street to Oko Awo Close just to be there! So there might have been less than 30 people in attendance all in all but when I add the value of their show of love? I might as well have had my whole village in Laterna with me and THAT is why I had a blast. Because I could sense the genuine love in the room. 

So to each one of you who attended that happens to read this, know this: I am deeply grateful and I shall never forget and these photos I am about to share will make it easy for me to always remember who you were......

The very first person to arrive even before we started, Bunmi Bajomo, a sistafriend from my days @ IBTC
She could not stay but that she took time to come 'show face' and wish me well?
That meant a lot considering I had not seen her in close to 6 years! 

My Publisher Bidemi Mark-Mordi and Audrey Joe-Ezigbo both sistafriends,
both authors too. You really should read their books, Sista Support & Uniquely Woman!
They came in early too. What are we looking at? That's our secret! Lol!

The day was so blessed that even Pastor Remi Morgan, CEO Laterna
was around and even sat with me for a bit! Awesome!

Bidemi, how far now? Let me hug Inyang too! I am sure I knew her before you did!
Lol! I was so happy to have her attend. I met her way back in my IBTC days too!

Salt and The 3 Steel Magnolias as I like to call them! I just took one
look at this photo as that's what came to mind. I love this photo! If I have to make a True Confession,  I think
it captures the essence of Bidemi and Audrey's book very well. Unique women,  supporting one another as sistas. Get it? Lol!

Salt and the most of the Laterna crew on duty that day!
Don't you love the brightness of their tee-shorts?

Mufasa and Salt! It was such a joy to meet her for the first time! It was like
meeting an old friend!

I really like this photo......Audrey Joe-Ezigbo et moi.

Richard Mammah, the Publisher of The Difference Newspaper. my first official column in a paper
is thanks to him. Do buy the paper and hook up with me via the 'Salt Makes a Difference' column every Monday.

My dear Tari from work who I know had tons of work and Renee who walked all the way  from Kofo Abayomi !!!!
God bless you both!

Bunmi Dayo-Olagunju, a former colleague and friend. I am not even sure
how she got to hear about it it but I was thrilled to see her!

Anita, passing on the Torch of love by being there for me.
Yes, OGQC set of 1979/4 was well represented. God bless you Anita!

I believe this young gentleman was my youngest guest! David, a King in the making by the grace of God!

Obianuju, a true sistafriend and Richard Mammah. Uju more or less
snuck out of a meeting to be here....God bless you love!

OGQC Funmi in the house! God bless you dia!

Salt and Bunmi DO, owner of Brinley & Brinley.
Awesome dry cleaning service provider!

My and my main man After God o!

OGCQ in da house! Thank you Eden, Funmi and Anita!
My Mufasa in the mix too! Lol!

Unyime, author of 'Burning Hurt and my sistafriend.
She cut class to be here! God bless you!

My Uju! A sistafriend...we go waaaay back!

Salt and Renee. This dear woman walked all the way!
God will bless you dia!

Salt and Hazel.....If you have not bought any of Beddings & Beyonds
Bedsheets, you have not lived o! Nuff said!

Dear Dawn and moi. When I see her, she reminds me
of the cover of my book...The bit where the sun shines through....
signifies 'The Sun of Righteousness' breaking over our lives as we read TC.
Yes, may the darkness must give way to the Dawn......

Femi Ogunleye, this is the guy behind the scented candles testimony!
God bless you Femi. I will never forget. The candles were just awesome and everybody loved them!

I like this photo, do you? Lol!

The stage as set by Nnaji and his team! God bless Laterna Ventures!
Your see True Confessions, The Diaries, Uniquely Woman and SistaPower.

Salt and Nnaji, the guy who made it all happen from the Laterna side!
Thank you Nnaji!

Ize!!!!! She was with me till the very end!!!!!
God bless you Ize!

There are some photos I will like to load but these ones more or less capture the flavour of the day……I hope you had fun looking at them. Now, that you are done, please send up a prayer of thanks to God for me.

But for Him, none of this would be. I bless his name. Amen!

Please go out and buy copies of True Confessions. Remember it's N2,000 and every N500 is going to my favourite charity - The Raziela Foundation. So do a child some good, buy True Confessions!

God bless you as you do and please let me know what you think when you have read TC!


  1. Congratulations again Salt. This is great. To God be the Glory. You have a weekly column too! Fantastic...More anointing to your fingers :-)

  2. Thank you Unoma. I give God all the thanks and glory for this day. Yes, I do. In two papers actually: The Difference (Salt Makes a Difference) and in The Sun on Saturday (Salt of The Sun).....So much fun doing much fun!

  3. My goodness! You try o! Chai!!! Lovely pics, though! Lol! Rotfl!

  4. I am glad that i was able to attend my first ever book lunch and visit to laterna and meeting with Salt. So u see, i can also tick that off my list of "havent done". Even my husband was surpised to hear that you are the author of the desperate naija woman series and YES we both share the same thought, "She is beautiful". God bless all your effort and crown them with great glory my darling.

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Oh, thanks dearie! I was so excited to meet you too and so glad you were able to make it. Look who is talking about beauty....u don look mirror lately? Lol! I bless God for your life.

  5. I'm so thrilled that I did not miss this event. I sense that God is about to do something great through His evangelists in the print media, of which you are a BIG part of. Thanks for just 'doing' as He has commanded. It makes it easier for some of us to 'do' as well. Congratulations once more.

  6. LOVELYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I really really wish i was there, would prolly have been the smallest x_x

    I'm so glad about the outcome! God continue to bless the work of your hands!!

  7. @Unyime: Thank you so much my sistafriend. God bless you real good too...I believe you and I pray that we all hear God well and do that which he has sent us to do....

    @Tommie: Trust me, out time is near....we shall soon meet! Really, you mean you smaller than little King David? I doubt it o! Lol!

  8. Congratulations, Salt. More grace for bigger accomplishments IJN.

    I still wonder how you manage to combine all these with holding down a job + running a family + looking good...and that 2-column per week 'assignment' too...oh yes, we can do all things through Him...but I salute you..

    1. Hello Abiola!!!! Thank you so much. You know I just do what I can do each day with God's help...doing things one by one every day soon add up....*smiling*. Thanks too for coming by...

  9. Smiling all the way as i read this almost 3years later...

    God bless you ma!

    1. And thanks to you I got to read it again too! Lol!
      Amen dear. And God bless you too!


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