Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Roller-coasters & One More Thing About Faith

The Miner's Revenge.
Who sent me? Me sef I no know oh!!!!
But like anything I have faced in life,
I survived!!! Praise God!
Life is a roller-coaster people say. In fact, I have said this myself many times over the past years. But I have recently found out that I never really fully understood the truth of this statement. How come? Because I had never been on a roller-coaster. I mean of course I had been on the baby ones with my kids when they were younger. Like the gentle merry-go-rounds and teacup-like ones and as my children grew older, they ventured on more 'jim-jim' ones with their Papa or even alone. My role as a dutiful and 'chicken-livered' mom was to stay on the ground praying earnestly for their safe return. *smiling*. But this past week, I decided to 'live a little' and agreed, to the surprise of all, to go on just one ride. I think I chose the wrong one. However, if I did not go on the 'Miner's Revenge' ride, I would not be blogging about my experience today so I guess all is well. Lol!

First of all, may I say that I shall not be doing it again. Ever. That said, may I also say that personally, as roller-coaster-like as many of my life issues have been, I am not sure I can compare the pure fear I felt on that metal contraption miles up in the air - upside down! - to any fear I have felt in real life at anytime! At least, even if my life was spinning around, I was always on terra firma! Not so on the Miner's Revenge! Long story short, NOW when I say life is a roller-coaster, I know exactly what I am talking about. It means life is a gut-wrenching, oh-no-I-am-going-to-die-today, somebody-save-me-please, Lord, please keep me in this seat!, Lord, why did you  let me do this? OK-maybe-if-I-close-my-eyes-and-pray-this-will-soon-be-over experience! Yes, it is like that!

But the good part is that I also learnt that, just like I got off the ride that day, shaky but OK with new-found wisdom (NEVER go on the Miner's Revenge again!), same way we come off the sometimes upside down, scary rides of our lives. If God is with us, we are shaky but still alive and if we were paying attention, we too, will learn a thing or two and move on...more experienced and for sure... wiser.

You see, I realised half-way through this crazy ride that if I closed my eyes, it did not feel so bad. when I closed my eyes and could not see the 'signs' of  the ground rising up towards me, when I could not see and anticipate the next moves that threatened to throw me out off the ride, I was just fine. Well almost. Same thing with us as we walk with God. When things look scary, just close your physical eyes to the signs and open your spiritual eyes to see only God and just like I gripped on to the metal bars holding me in my seat, grip onto your faith in Him and refuse to let go.

This leads me nicely to my 'one more thing about Faith'. Faith is not just about seeing those things that exist not as though they were. I have recently learned, thanks to Arike, that Faith is about you and I having 2000% confidence in the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God:

Whatever you need/are going through, God has the POWER to provide it, fix it, sort it out.
Whatever you need/are going through, God has the WISDOM to know the best way/time to fix it. 
Whatever you need/are going through, God is GOOD & always wants to do you good so trust him. This is the kind of faith we must all have.  And God helping us, we shall!


And do remember please that God is especially fond of you.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful reminder! God bless you for sharing.

    1. Amen Bernie! Amen! God bless you too for coming by to visit. I am happy you liked this. I really do too myself.

    2. Why did you go on "Miner's Revenge"?? The name itself self says alot, i think i need to get on a roller coaster too to experience what i say aloot!!

      Yes, Faith! Faith! Its just so amazing isn't it. Not about what you feel but what you know about WHO you believe. I'm unlearning and learning.

      :) Thanks for this reminder.


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