Thursday, 19 September 2013

Not Without The Holy Spirit

We welcome you. We need you.
Fill us NOW!
This blog is a longer version of a post on my Salt Matters page on Facebook.

I and some of the people who follow that page are on a Love Quest. We are seeking to be filled with God's love more and more so that we can love those around us more and more. Just like God loves. I took out time to share with them something God has shown me about this Quest and how there was only ONE way to accomplish our goal. I knew I had to come here to share it on this platform as well as per this is my main platform to be honest.

As re-born Christians, no matter how much we want to change. No matter how much we want to BE like God. LOVE Like God, we cannot do it just by 'wanting'. No matter how much we desire to live right by God. No matter how much we want to live holy lives like God, the truth we should all accept today is that we cannot. Yes, we cannot do it because we are 'wired' to live in the flesh. So what do we do then?

We ask God to 'RE-WIRE' us via His HOLY SPIRIT.

Every morning we wake up, our first prayer after we thank God for sustaining us through the night should be this: 

"FatherGod, empty me some more today and fill me with yourself. I want a FRESH in-pouring of your spirit in me today. A fresh dose of your Love. So that the love with which I will love people today, the Love that will guide all my actions and words will be YOUR love flowing out of me. Today, take me over so that all I do, I do to please you. Empty me of me and fill me with you."

Write it out and paste it on your mirror or somewhere you can see it every morning. Say it out loud so that your faith can activate it.

We need God's Spirit and we need it FRESH everyday. So go to your PapaGod now and begin to ask him for the quota for tomorrow........Thankfully, we can never over-dose on anointing. Praise God!

Shalom my People and let the Love Quest continue with the help of the Holy Spirit!! 

P. S. To join this love quest simply like 'Salt Matters' on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. We sure need the holy spirit every step of the way.

    "Empty me and Fill me with you" I need to get a board...


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