Saturday, 7 September 2013

Laterna Hosts First Ever 'Salt' Book-Signing!

Admits You...
and anyone you can drag along with you. Lol!
This book-signing is extra-special to me because it is the first ever book-signing for the first ever book I have written as 'Salt'. If you have been following my blogs then you would know what this name means to me. It is not just a 'pen' or writing name and it is for sure not just some 'brand' I wish to build. No, as much as I would love to see that happen, being called 'Salt' is way bigger than that. It is my Prayer. It is is my Declaration of Faith and my Daily Confession. It is a divine prophesy over my life. In short, 'Salt' is my PD - my Purpose Description and most of all, it is an everyday reminder of God's mercies over me as well as his extravagant love for me that he continues to show me through the actions of his 'human-struments' especially my mgm and my children.

But this blog is not about my name as much as it is about inviting you to the book-signing event for my new book - True Confessions! Yes, Laterna Ventures  has once again graciously chosen to host this event for me and I am so grateful and really hope the place will be packed to the rafters to make all their hospitality and hard work pay off. (True, it won't hurt me either to have plenty people come in and buy my books! *smiling*)

So will you come? I really hope so. Below is all you need to know to be part of a truly special day.

Date as stated above: Friday 13, September 2013
Where? Where?: Laterna Ventures Bookshop, 13 Oko Awo Close, Victoria Island, Lagos
Time, Time?: From 12 noon till 3.00 pm

Making the day even more special (yes, it is possible) is the fact that two of my sistafriends, Audrey Joe-Ezigbo and Bidemi Mark-Mordi are scheduled to have their books, Uniquely Woman and Sista  Power - on display and available for sale too on that day!

I have a feeling this will not just be another ordinary book-signing event. Do come see if I am right about this hunch of mine. As usual, there will be light refreshments and souvenirs for early birds thanks to a former colleague who has offered to support the day by giving me boxes of Votive scented candles! *doing my happy limpopo dance*

and singing 

'Jesu mi seun seun, 
Olorun mi seun seun!  x 2
Ma bere mo le ma gbega 
Ma gbe Jesu me ge ge, 
Owo mi loke yaya, 
Ma k'Aleluya repete!

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  1. If you have been updating this blog till now, how come the last post I saw from you on my dashboard is three months ago? Na wa for blogger sha. I have to unfollow and refollow.


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