Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Very Special 2014 Project - Will You Partner With Me?

Which entry(ies)  in THIS Diary
did you love the most?
With 'True Confessions' out on sale and with all the 'what next?' questions I have been getting, I had been talking to God about what we had planned for 2014 in my writing space. I actually was quite comfortable with the idea of not publishing any new book to be honest because I felt I should just take my time to tend and nurture the four I already have and focus on getting them into more hands. But God is more creative and I guess more 'ambitious' than that. He sowed what I am about to share with you in my heart on the morning of my book-signing at Laterna. I actually almost spoke about it during my opening remarks but for reasons only known to God, I did not. But I will now.

Here is the thing. I believe I might publish two books in 2014 God willing. One is a novella I have been writing for over 13 years and just have never finished. Long story short, I am just unable to figure out what I want to do with my main character. Anyway, this blog is not about that. It is about me and you working together to 'co-write' my next book. How? It's really simple, the second book I plan to release in 2014 is sort of like a 'The Best of the DNW Diaries, Readers Choice' where all of you who have read any of the Diaries send me your all-time favourite entries and we then put them together to form a special gift collection. Sort of like how singers release their 'Best Hits' CDs, you grab? God gave me this idea so I know its a good one. The question is will you help me? Will you partner with me to do this?
How about from THIS one?
Do tell me please!

Hope so. If you do, it means you and I will more or less be 'co-authoring' a book together. Yes, that is how I will see it. Lol! And the names of everyone who sends in his/her favourite entry from any or all of the editions of the 'Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman' series will be featured in the book on a special page tagged 'Co-Authors' or 'Salt Collaborators' or 'Salt's Partners in Writing' or something like that sha! I am already having fun just thinking about it. I think I just might also feature the photos of the first 20 to 30 people who send me entries in the book just to spice it up even more (with their permission of course). OK, so technically, it will not be a new book per se but hey, it's a God idea and it brings me joy, so na so we go do am! Lol!

Anyway, I am so happy to be flowing again....been going through some stuff but God has brought me through and though the storm is not over, like some post I saw today on FB, I have decided to learn to dance in the rain. I remember I loved doing that when I was a child. Doing this post just now has really helped me re-focus on what makes me happy and I am, by the grace of God, going to keep my eyes on the good in my life while God fixes the broken.

I love all my Diaries but this one
was special to me.
Which entry made it special for you?
So make me even happier and tell me you will partner with me on this, OK? All you need do is inbox me via (or if we are friends on FB, you can in-box me there) telling me what your ALL-TIME favourite Diary entries are. Please give me the title and the date. All entries are welcome from now all the way up to March 2014.

Shalom my people. Shalom. 

And remember, the real enemy of our lives is the devil. Don't let him make you think any different.

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