Saturday, 10 August 2013

Your 'Five Loaves & Two Fish'

Look at your own 'five loaves and two fish' now
and THANK GOD for He is your Sufficiency!
Five loaves and Two fish. Surely insufficient to feed 5000 men (not counting the women and children).

Yet, Jesus Christ took this 'insufficiency' and what did he do? Yes, I know he did the miraculous and fed over 5000 people and as awesome as this is, it is sad that many of us get stuck on this point. I pray God help us not get blindsided by the miraculous to the point where we miss the truly spiritual. Read the story again, what did Jesus Christ do BEFORE the miraculous happened? Yes, Jesus Christ THANKED GOD. He lifted up the two obviously insufficient 'resources' to God and said a prayer of thanks.

Tell me and be really honest now, when was the last time you thanked God for your 'insufficiency'? 

When last did you look at the insufficient funds in your bank account, the insufficient food in your fridge, the insufficient ideas in your brain, the insufficient love you are receiving from your spouse, the insufficient understanding your siblings give short when last did you look at an insufficiency in your life and lift it up to the heavens and say 'Lord, I thank you!'?

As I read this Bible story again yesterday, I saw how if I thank God for my Insufficiency in faith.....I too will experience the miraculous. I too will see my 'little' feed many needs. I will see my 'little' multiply and even have left overs because the Lord God, who is my SUFFICIENCY will see my trust and my faith and move for me!

How about that? Is that not just amazing?

So please, go on, look at your own 'five loaves and two fishes' and lift them up to God now and THANK HIM! 

I wait to hear your testimony of how your insufficiency fed over '5000 men'.

God bless you some more!


  1. Of course, I ve always thanked God in times of little and when there is abundance. His sufficiency cannot be quantified.

  2. Most times we forget to Thank God for the little that we have, but that is the doorway to breakthrough.

    I would lift up my 5 loaves and 2 fish and give Thanks to the Lord of hosts.


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