Thursday, 15 August 2013

What Does Being a Christian Really Mean?

I am reading two books at the moment. I started them both today and quite quickly they have captivated me. Both for two different reasons. One, The Small Print by Bimbola Dare, because I am keen to see what happens to the main character. I mean how on earth will he escape from the quagmire his life has become. The other,  The Transforming Habits of a Growing Christian by William Watkins, because of the question it asked me right off the bat. A question that inspired this post: 'What would you say is the essence of your Christian Life?'

I paused to think? Why am I a Christian?

I felt that for me, being a Christian meant building a close relationship with God out of which I would go out and be a reflection of Him in my world as a means to win them to the Light. Fair enough, you would say, abi? I continued reading and let me share other answers to the question, some of which you might have come up with as you answered the question yourself: Being a Christian could mean:

Being Obedient to the commands of Christ
Sharing the Gospel
Relating personally with God through Christ (close to mine above, abi?)
Meeting the needs of others on behalf of Christ
Attending Church services
Giving money to the needy or towards the work of Christ
Reading the Bible to learn about Christ, etc, etc,

So which ones did you think yourself? And you know what? We are all right. All of the above are ways for us to have meaning in our lives as Christians BUT none of them is THE answer. How come? Because none of them is BIG enough to fully capture the TRUE essence, richness and depth of who we are and what we are meant to be and do as Christians. Do you want to know why? Because none of the above is LOVE. 

Yes, The true essence of our lives as Christians is To love. Love is the only answer that can 100% capture the meaning of who we are in Christ. Think about it. How did you and I even get here? By Love, because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son up to die for us. Why are we here? To love, because love is the most excellent way. What are we to do? To love because God is Love and Jesus Christ asked us to  abide in His love and love one another.

So tell me, is that what you were about today? Were you about love and showing it? Did you abide in love and love those around you? Did you , in all you thought, said and did, prove love to be the most excellent way? And if, like me, your Christianity is about reflecting a God who is love, how did you fare? Did you reflect love?

Fear not, the same hand pointing one questioning finger at you has four other fingers pointing back at me.

Let's both go to our quiet places and reflect? How meaningful is our Christianity?

I fear that if we are not being and doing 'Love' then our Christianity means nothing.

And you and I are just being Christians for show.


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  1. This is the truth!! This type of Love can only be gotten from God. Because he said "Love as he loves us" and we can't truly express that love until we experience it and by experiencing it we have to spend time with him...

    So, i agree that your answer is basically not the true essence of Christianity, but Its a means to an end. If we don't let it flow to us, it can't flow through us.

    Thanks for the reminder. Time to reflect.


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