Sunday, 18 August 2013

Touching Lives The 'Noodle-Box-A-Month' Way.

For some child, this bowl of noodles is a luxury.
You can change that.
Partner with Enife's NBaM. Please.
Enife Atobiloye was at the last Joined Up Motherhood (JUM)  Prayer Meeting we had in June and I was glad Audrey Joe-Ezigbo had invited her. I love the way she prays. Very measured and very assured.  Like she knows that God is hanging on to every word she says, just waiting to make it come to pass. I felt blessed to have her as one more JUM mom partnering with me and other moms to bring our children before the throne-room of God every quarter.

I felt even more blessed when she told me about Noodle-Box-A-Month ('NBaM'). Simply put, this is an initiative she is driving along with other well-meaning and concerned people to feed needy children by just contributing one box (or more) of Noodles a month to a 'Noodles fund'. It's so simple, it almost brings me to tears. Do I need to tell why they chose noodles? If I do, then I will need to ask you if you live on the moon! Lol! Have you ever EVER seen a child refuse to eat noodles? I mean, kids love the stuff! And thank you Jesus Christ, they are nutritious and have no additives. PLUS, at about N1200/N1300 a box, it is easy on the pocket.

Think about it. With just N1,300 you can feed 'one needy of the needy' child for 2 weeks. By 'needy of the needy' we are talking about truly vulnerable children, orphans and children whose parents are very poor. In short, all those dear children who fate has deposited in the slums of Lagos state. How does NBaM reach these kids? Via its partnership with JAKIN, an NGO that runs a kiddies club that hosts almost 400 of such kids every month. As a ministry, JAKIN is set to reach out to these needy children and for now, it will be NBaM's channel to the children it wishes to touch.

So how can you be a part of this good work NBaM is doing? Really simple.All you have to do is give, in cash or kind, one box of noodles. All donations will be acknowledged and recorded. You can choose to make a commitment to give any number of boxes a month or you could just give anytime your spirit moves you.  How about it? Will you do this? Will you partner with Enife's NBaM? Will you help feed a needy child for two weeks?

I really hope so. 

Please call Kehinde on 0806 063 1373 or Abimbola on 0805 512 8300 or send an email to or

I can only thank you as you do so but surely God will reward you and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, none of your children will ever lack food or any good thing! Amen!!!!!

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