Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Salt Chronicles Bags The Liebster Blogger Award!

I would like to thank my agent, my producers...Lol!
Seriously, thank you  In the midst of her!
First of all to every other person who has nominated me for this award and I did nothing, I beg no vex. Today, I repent of all my erring ways and we all have In the Midst of Her to thank for that being as she just nominated me for it again. Thank you In the Midst of Her. Truly appreciate your nomination. I shall have plenty fun doing this*smiling*

So here goes! First, the rules of the game:

1-Thank the blogger that nominated you. 
2-List 11 random facts about you.. 
3-Answer the questions by the blogger that nominated you.
4-Nominate 11 other bloggers
5-Ask your nominees 11 questions: Answer the same questions I did
6-Notify your nominees.  

1-Thank the blogger that nominated you.
Again, thank you In the Midst of Her!

2-List 11 random facts about you..
I shall not even try to beat In the Midst of Her's modus operandi for answering this bit. Very Creative. Me, I shall just blog grammar. Lol!

Random fact 1: I was on the gymnastics team when I was younger. Way younger. And I am sure somewhere in my 7 or 8 year old mind, I must have had dreams of competing and winning medals! No seriously,  I could do back flips and mean cart wheels and all that. You don't believe me? Don't blame you. Neither do my kids. Lol! Sadly I have no photos to substantiate my claims. But you can ask My Papa, My Prof......Lol!

Random fact 2: I speak and write French being as I studied it in University but have never been to France! How far? I know! One day, one day sha! J'irai a Paris!!! And Venice and The Bahamas and, and.....Oh well! One day sha....

Random fact 3: I absolutely cannot abide praying mantises??? Is that the plural of that really gross insect? Anyway, me I don't understand its use but I trust that God in His infinite wisdom knows they are useful to the world somehow. So, I leave matter. They should just stay away from moi and my abode. When I am done hating  praying mantises, I move to cockroaches especially the flying ones. Yuck!

Random fact 4. I never do drafts of my blogs. I do save the titles or the phrase that inspired the blog on the 'notes' part of my phone but that's it. Most times, I do the drafts in my head. So it is just there and once I sit to type, off we the spirit moves me.

Random fact 5. I never ever EVER went to church as a child. My parents were just not the church going sort. Plus my mom was a moslem until I was in University more or less. But look at me today. A woman intent on being the Jesus Christ people see. It just shows that God has a plan for us all and nothing, not even our families or our past can alter His plans.

Random fact 6. If money was no issue, I would spend my days cultivating my secret life with God, tending the garden of my 'family', producing smiles in my 'Smile Factory', blogging and visiting blogs! I am one of those 'ghost' visitors. I visit a lot but only comment if I really have something to say. I am not a fan of commenting for commenting sake.

Random fact 7. I do not understand desserts like pineapple crumble. What is that? If you want to eat fruit, eat fruit. If you want to eat cake, eat cake. I cannot abide assorted textures. To be honest, I almost always skip dessert. I will however ' manage' a well made cheesecake. Lol!

Random fact 7. When I went to University, in my set I was the ONLY Yoruba girl! Considering I went to the University of Uyo in 1984, you can understand this, abi? Lol!

Random fact 8. I pray more effectively when I write my prayers as I pray. So you can just imagine how many prayer journals I have! But it's cool cos I go over them sometimes and marvel and gasp in horror in equal proportions. I was such a selfish pray-er back in the day!

Random fact 9. I am really a terribly lazy somebodi and if I can find someone to do it and I can afford to pay for it, I will. Full stop. I stopped trying to win Martha Stewart's prize for efficient homebody about 5/6 years ago. The life of a working wife and mom's magic word? Outsourcing! Be wise though, outsource ONLY the things that you don't HAVE to do. Plus be sure your mgm agrees.

Random fact 10. I have no feelings whatsoever for animals. Much to the chagrin of my kids who have been begging for a  puppy for ages. I am also not a fan for sand so beaches are just places I tolerate  for the sake of my outdoorsey family!

Random fact 11. I firmly believe that any body who claims to be a christian and tells another christian to condone sin or not try to overcome sin 'because they are only human and God understand' is the cousin of the Antichrist. Lol! No seriously, I mean it!

3-Answer the questions by the blogger that nominated you.
1. Why did you start blogging
 I needed a place to 'de-stress' my mind. To capture my journey as a woman desperately trying to be like Christ. Plus I always loved writing so it was sort of like an online journal of what my day was like or the thoughts in my head at the time. Now, I like that its an avenue to connect with with my world and via that connection try to get us all to enjoy our lives here while keeping our eyes on heaven......

2. If you could be any fruit or veggie what would it be? I would never want to be a fruit or an animal.

3. Would you ever considering going vegetarian? Doubt it. I can live without anything, even pasta, as long as I can have some well seasoned chicken.

4. What was your favourite subject in school: Secondary school: Biology. University: French History. I was an awesome crammer and these are subjects you could pass by just throwing up, almost word for word, your notes!

5. Are you scared of the dark? No. I can see in the dark. No, really? I can. It just takes my eyes a few seconds to adjust and I can find my way!

6. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be? Hia! For the rest of my life, every day? Really spicy chicken in chilli sauce with a side dish of steamed well seasoned broccoli  OR ekpanukwo

7. Favourite movie of all time: Legends of the Fall/Meet Joe Black/Ben Hur (Lol! I know, am cheating!)

8. If I could change my name to anything, what would it be? Raziela: It means God is my secret

9. Are you much of an adventurer? No,much to the frustration of my family..But I am dreaming of an all expense paid 7 day stay at some detox spa place where trail treks will be involved. Does that count? Lol!

10. What is the greatest thing about be Nigerian (Your Nationality)?: That I am Nigerian? That God chose for me to Nigerian? That we are one resilient bunch of people which is a plus and a minus. That I know that the world knows and fears almost how GREAT Nigeria truly is underneath all this chaos........

11. What do you do to keep fit? I walk. That's all! I can categorically say that I walk! I try, TRY to do 10,000 steps a day.

4-Nominate 11 other bloggers
I, Salt nominate the following bloggers for this LIEBSTER AWARD:

1. Bidemi Mark-Mordi
2. Uniquely Woman
3. Mindshade
4. Her Sides
5. A Slice of Life
6. Arike.
7. Bridget Elesin Speaks
8. Empowerment Moments
9. Inyamu's Eldorado
10.Zouzou's Musings
11.Adenike Campbell-Fatoki

5-Ask your nominees 11 questions ; Answer the same questions I answered above.

6-Notify your nominees.  OK, that was so much fun. I shall go off now and notify my nominees. I do hope they all have fun with this even though it is not a small homework o! Lol!


  1. Thank you for the nomination. I'll pay it forward :-)

  2. My pleasure Nike! Please do!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers. You have such a humorous way of communicating truth. Congrats my dear sis.

    1. *smiling* Thanks Unyime. I had so much fun doing this (but I shall not be doing another one anytime soon. Lol!) and I truly believe that all we do should edify others, in work or in know?

  4. Thanks for nominating me Bola. I enjoyed this write up. I would love to honor your request simply because you asked, and it will reveal something about me that's I've probably not written on before..really! *_* written so many things about me already. Anyway, it will be at a forward date because of my heavy work schedule for the upcoming week. Hope it's not a prob.

    1. That's perfectly OK Sis. Anytime you do it, I shall have fun reading it. *smiling*......

  5. Qui, Qui! Ma soeur, J’e parle français aussi!!!! Great post, I vex a bit cuz of the dog issue ooooh. I am a complete dog lover! We once had 14 at a time!!!

  6. Ah bon? Lol! On causera en francais alors de temps en temps, oui? Ah, biko no vesk o becos notin shall change dat dog matter.....14 what????? *running away*

  7. I enjoyed reading this. and Yes. I would do this, its about time.. x_X

    Thanks for the nomination.


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