Tuesday, 27 August 2013

He Makes The Impossible Possible.

(I never share anything here of this nature unless God tells me to. Never. But four times now, God has told me I needed to be 'clearer' about what he had done in my  life. Below, as best as I can to keep the focus on God, I have done that because He is certain that someone needs to know this truth: NOTHING is impossible for Him. I hope that someone reads this.)

On the 15th of August, I submitted an application and was told it would take a minimum of 20 working says to get a response. I honestly did not know this. I was banking on a 5-day process. Had I known, I would not have applied (Funny enough, we did not need these visas right away and we only applied because everyone was home and we just wanted to get them out of the way. We had no plans of going to this country anytime soon!). By the time I found out, it was too late. I could not withdraw my application .And to cancel it would have cost me a loss of over 366K. 

I needed a response before the 26th of August barring which I would be in deep kaka. I asked God for mercy and a 3-day miracle. On my FB page, Salt Matters, I asked people to join faith with mine. I did not know how God would do it but I knew he could because I believed that when you are faced with the 'impossible', your best bet is God. I shall not lie, many times, my heart 'cut' within me and many times, I had to call on God to do what only He could do all over again. I had to tell God I believed but he should please help my unbelief! And People of God. He did. 

I promise, yesterday, when I went back to the office where I submitted the application, the people there, two men in particular were staring at me like I was some 'spirit'. I, myself was shaking faced with God's awesomeness. All I could manage to say to them was 'This God is real'. They, in turn, said to me 'Madam, He is'. Even requests for medical reasons are not handled like this. As I left, proof of God's awesomeness in my hands, I managed to say to them again:

'Please, guys, just serve him. It is not about visas, it is more than that. It is about all the things in your life that look impossible. You know me. You know when I submitted these applications. You know your people and how they operate. You yourselves have told me this has never happened before. Now, you are seeing me leave here with my passports, visas intact. I don't need to say more to you. Please serve this God. For it is Him I called on. And it is Him that answered. It is the same way, he will answer you.'

All they could do was stare at me and nod their understanding and agreement.

All I could as I walked back to my car was mutter thanks to God.

For breaking protocols for me.

For making the impossible possible. In my life,

Trust me. He can do same in your  life. Just call on him today. Now.

He is waiting for you.

P.S For me the best  part of this testimony is that once again, my children are experiencing the raw power of God that is available to those who stand on their faith. Once again they are seeing that God controls the WHOLE world and ALL the people in it. I don't know if it was a man or a woman that replied to my email to call back my passports. All I know is that, just as I had told my two two teens that morning of the 15th of August,  God touched his/her heart and we found favour. Glory be to God!

Believe it or not, when I sent a reply to say thank you to this nameless/faceless person in the UK. He/she replied saying he/she was happy I had gotten them on time as they had sent them separately to make that happen. Now, I understood how come our pack arrived at 10.41am on Monday morning ahead of the normal batch which was expected at  3.00pm! I rest my case.


  1. na wa o! i know miracles still happen, i just have to have that "salt" faith!. anyway, i have been away for a while coz i had to tend to issues on the home front. do u know that i had to read this piece twice! like ... hmmmm. ure blessed jare my sister.

    ****Mufasa Said

  2. @Mufasa: My dear, I missed you but it is a wise woman that puts the first things first so carry go....my dear, miracles still happen..we only have to believe and believe and believe......even when we don't believe, we refuse and continue to believe....God will not leave us hanging.....

  3. Goodness, i don't know why i don't your updates anymore. Someone just gave me your book as a birthday present and i screamed and went all "i know her!" so i came looking for you :D

    1. Oh wow!!!!! Happy Birthday in arrears Toinlicious!!!!! Oh may God bless that person oh!!!! You must read and give me feedback oh. Thank you for coming to look for me. Appreciate it!!!! God bless you! Yes, when I changed the blog name, I caused a lot of wahala for myself and others. No vex. Try to resave the URL on your blog roll again.

  4. Sis, I tap into this miracle. I am not looking for a visa or anything but I am waiting on a response to an application and I want it before monday. My God can do it!!!!

    1. Please In the Midst of her, TAP away! NOTHING is impossible with our GOd. Nothing. I join my faith with yours and agree with you. In the name of Jesus Christ, bring forth my sisters application before monday in Jesus name. Amen! I thank you for hearing us.

  5. Really, I still can't get over this. Yes, it is a reference point. GOD is awesome, and he is a miracle working God.

    I Love how this is evidence for the people you spoke to, and i know that he would plant it and work in their lives all to his glory!

    I Love this God and i would serve him. Glory to God.

    1. My dear Tommie: You are so right! And God likes to do these kinds of things for us so that the next time such a move is needed we KNOW that he can do it. Now, nothing shakes me. And I ask God to keep my faith at this level. It is sky high. Since then, even traffic obeys the word of God out of my mouth! Lol! I love this our God too o my dear and he is so so worthy of all our love, trust and obedience! Thanks for being part of this testimony right from the plea on Salt Matters even when you did not know what you were praying for.....

  6. I am awed at God's goodness and favour to you. He is truly in the business of doing awesome miracles for His children. I rejoice with you my sis.Congrats!

    I am also trusting God to come through for something this afternoon and I have total faith that He will do it. He has started the process, He will complete it and give me a beautiful awe-inspiring and soul winning testimony in Jesus name... Amen!

    #basking in the ability of God to do exceeding and abundantly more than I could think, ask, imagine or hope for#

    1. Thank you Bernie. I promise, just trust him as simply as a 2 year old would. Don't try to over think it. Just believe in his love for you and watch. I know understand that God wants to 'show off' his power in the lives of his children....we just need to invite him into the situation and leave it to him....your testimony will amaze even you my sister!!!!


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