Friday, 9 August 2013

And Immediately...

'Then they were eager to let him in and immediately the boat arrived at their destination'
(John 6: 20-21)

When the disciples saw Jesus Christ walking on water towards them, the Bible says they were 'terrified'. I pondered this for a while. Why were they afraid? Did they not recognize him? Or maybe they thought he was mad at them for leaving him behind or maybe they were just spooked to see him walking on water. I don't really know what was going on their minds. But here's what I do know:

I know that the very moment the disciples allowed Jesus Christ into the boat they 'arrived at their destination'!

Are you afraid to let Jesus Christ into your boat fully? In fact, have you even ever invited him to come into your boat? Perhaps you are in a stormy situation and you cannot recognize that Jesus Christ is the answer you need and that you need to eagerly let him into your boat? Maybe you are afraid Jesus Christ is mad at you and is coming to punish you for 'leaving him behind' and going off in the boat of your life without him in it for so long?

Whatever the case might be, this story in John 6 tells me today that all Jesus Christ want to do is take us to our destination. I use the words of Jesus Christ now to encourage you: 'Don't be afraid...' . He is not going to tell you off or condemn you. He just wants to help. So please just let him into your boat right now. The moment you do, before you know it that problem that looks so huge and unsolvable, that situation that looks so impossible,  that sickness that looks so grave and incurable, that relationship that looks so lost, that life goal that looks so unattainable....all of it will bow and give way at the presence of The King!

Yes, just choose today to eagerly let Jesus Christ into the boat of 'that situation' of your life and see how immediately your boat will arrive at that destination that seems to be eluding you thus far.

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  1. Yes! I could never wrap my head around the "Immediately" Its so amazing.


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