Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ah! Lord God! You Deserve Better!

Ah, Lord God, Thou hath made the heavens and the earth by thy great power
Ah, Lord God, Thou hath made the heavens and the earth by thy outstretched arm
Nothing is too difficult  for thee x 2
Ah, Mighty God, you are Mighty, Powerful indeed!
Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing
Nothing is too difficult for thee!
(Jeremiah 32.17)

This is the song that broke in my spirit this morning at 4.46am as I continued to toss and turn on my bed. This time my insomnia has been triggered by my inability to wrap my head around what God has just done for me and mine. Yes, I prayed for it. But I am still blown away by the motion of God's mercy over me. For I know, deep down, I don't deserve such generosity from my King. I have been an unfaithful servant. Period. So in the midst of praise and thanks. As I danced and laughed when this testimony broke, my heart 'cut' within me cos all I could think was 'But God, why are you ever so faithful to me? I don't deserve you at all'. You know what he said? That's what my grace is all about. This God! He broke protocols for me. He has proven to my kids all over again that He controls ALL things, ALL rules and regulations, ALL people, ALL nations, ALL time and ALL seasons. I told them to pray and stand on our confession that we would get our 3-day miracle. It seemed impossible even to me. But I just kept saying 'Lord, you know there is NOTHING impossible for you. Have mercy on me please and do this for me.'. And He did!

And because of what he has done, how he has done it, I am just re-dedicating my self to Him all over again. Ah! This God of mine deserves  much more of me than I have been giving Him lately. I have no excuse and I know that my inability to sleep is because deep in me I know that even though my salvation is a gift from God and so I cannot earn it by my works, I know there are areas in my life where I can, I must reflect God better. And it starts today by His special grace. 

Ah! Lord God! 
You deserve the glory and the honour for you are Great! 
You do miracles so great
There is no one else like you!
And though I know I could never ever thank you enough for ALL you have done for me
Help me please so that I can at least try by living a life that reflects how grateful I am
For your extravagant love over me and mine.
If I truly love you PapaGod, help me to prove it.
In Jesus name, I ask you.
Thank you because  I know you have heard me.  

 I hope this moves someone to take the same steps. This our God? He deserves our best all times.


  1. Congratulations, Salt, am truly happy for you. I have seen God step into situations in my life and turn things around. At those times, my heart kinda tightens for a few seconds because I know I didn't deserve it but He did it for who He is... period! God has started something in my life that I am trusting Him to complete. Congrats, sis... am happy for you..

    1. Bernie!!!!! Long time. Thank you so much. I love that, you are right, He does it because of who he is. That His name might be glorified. The beautiful thing God is doing in your life, he will perfect. And we seal it, even now, in the blood of Christ! I wait to rejoice with you!

  2. I totally agree. He deserves more. I am willing and choosing to give him more of me, by his grace.

    He is everything to me and i will give my everything with his help.

    1. Amen. With His help in Jesus name. Amen!


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