Friday, 2 August 2013

A Little BIG Book - True Confessions (Why Read It?)

You know something? I just read 'True Confessions' all over again. My first son calls it 'Vanity'. Not so. I was trying to read it like a third party would read it. I removed myself from the position of the one who wrote it to see if it would do something for me. Speak to me. Touch me. I promise. It did. It really did. It even gave me goosebumps as I read some bits and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that for an inspirational book to do that can only be a God thing. So, I claim no credit. I am wiser than that.

But can I confess something to you? When I first saw it my first reaction was 'OMG, it is so tiny!'. Yes, compared to my other books it is such a tiny book! I mean you could take any of my other books and divide them into 4 parts and still 'True Confessions' might be smaller. Lol! But once I got over the shock, God allowed me to see the benefits of being 'different' this time. Yes, for once, let a Salt book be easy to carry and easy on the pocket. For once, publish a book that ladies can slip easily into their handbags and guys can fold and put in their back pockets *smiling*. 

True Confessions is, if I say so myself,  a sweet little book and I pray that as you read it, this little book will provoke BIG deep thoughts within you. As you read each fable, each essay, each conversation and as you declare each confession, take some time after you have read it and be still. Ask God. 'Lord, what does this mean for me? What are you trying to tell me via what I just read? And then after asking. Be quiet and listen. This is something we don't do well as Nigerians. Listening Prayer. We talk too much. Please my people, When you are done praying. Take time to listen. Prayer is a two way conversation. OK?

Please buy True Confession (TC), read it and send me your thoughts. Tell me if it helped you. Tell me if it did not. Tell me if it spoke to you. Tell me if it pi**ed you off. Just tell me. Did it in any way 'flavour' your life? Feedback is a gift and I am a big girl, I can take it in any gift wrapping it comes in.

True Confessions' official release date is Sunday 25, August 2013 in honour of my mom who passed 25 years ago. But it should be available in online and physical bookshops hopefully as from the coming week. If you cannot wait and would love me to deliver to you asap just inbox me at  and I will sort you out.

And please do spread the word about TC for me. It is going for N2000 because I plan to give every N500 on each book to The Raziela Foundation. So as you buy my book you can also know you will be doing a good thing for some of the poorest of the poor Nigerian children out there. How about that?



  1. I so look forward to getting a copy. I'm going through such a down time in my life. And after reading DNW2009.all I could think of was getting 2010. Apart from the bible I just knew that would help me just keep standing.I just decided to google and found out u blog .. Thank you so much for giving to the lord and sharing your thots. You keep me going .. You are my imaginary friend that just keeps me walking in this journey . God bless you real good!

  2. On those days when I myself want to 'mute' my own voice, its words like this that keep me going....Thank you Anonymous, wherever you are.....God will surely continue to be you Helper and Uplifter......and please inbox me at I would love to get the 2011 Diary to you........


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