Friday, 19 July 2013

When Blessings Jump

In 2007, she was moved to a new role and that is when she met Mr. Solade*. He was one of the big bosses of the team she was now meant to be supporting as a business partner. Being new to the role, she did her best to understand Mr. Solade's business drivers, needs and challenges quickly and figure out ways she could best add value. Over and above that, she made sure she did her best to listen whenever Mr. Solade or any of his team members had issues. Even when she could not give them what they wanted, she delivered the message in ways that ensured they still felt she was a friend and not just some custodian of the policy.

Anyway, in the one year plus that she worked with that team, she fostered a positive relationship with Mr. Solade and his team members. Soon after she moved into a new role, Mr. Solade retired and moved out of the company. And as far as she was concerned, that was it. Another boss had moved on.

Fast forward six years. Her son calls her excitedly on the phone. He just finished a telephone interview for an internship placement in one of 'the' blue chip companies in the country. He proceeds to tell her that the man who interviewed him has asked if he knew a certain 'Mrs. So and so'. He had answered that the said 'Mrs. So and So' was his mom! Mom, he sounded very pleased to know I was your son, he said. Who is this man? she asked. His name is Mr. Solade, he said. She was gobsmacked. How could this be? Had he not retired. Apparently not. For here he was interviewing her son for a job. She let out a whoop of joy! Imagine that! God was at it again!

I am sure you have guessed it already. Yes, 'she' is me! Now, my son's acceptance was based purely merit no doubt. But please tell me that you don't agree that had I been a mean so and so. Had I been one of those 'funny' people who went about treating peole anyhow. Had Mr. Solade and I not had a pleasant working relationship, he could have used that against my son. True he is not the sort but we know there are many who are out there. What am I trying to say with all of this?

As much as it is within your power, be good to people because sometimes blessings jump. The reward for being a good business partner and treating Mr. Solade well may not have come to me directly and immediately but when it came, it came in the best possible way for me as a mother. Today, Mr. Solade, apart from being his direct Supervisor has more or less taken him as his 'protege' not just making sure he delivers on his targets but helping him develop all the right professional ethics that are priceless for a nineteen year old to begin picking up right now.

This testimony is very stale but, today as I sat at a team function, it dropped in my spirit that this was to be the blog for today. Someone needs to 'just let it go' at work or maybe even at home. Do all you can to foster peaceful relationships because you never really know tomorrow. You know what they say, 'the evil that men (and women) do lives after them'  and I know we don't want the consequences of something we did in the past to jump on our kids now and/or future, do we?

How about we go about our lives today living and relating with people so that one day in the future should they run into our children, they would remember us, their parents and want to do only good to and for them. Yes, live so that the blessings from their memories about you will jump on your children.

To God alone be all the glory for I am only who I am because He is who He is...In me and through me. 

* Not his real name of course. But he is real alright! Praise God he is real!


  1. A long sigh** we are all like a circle really! What goes around certainly comes around... i love this post as it jolts me back to a phrase i always kip at d back of my good to those u meet on ur way up cos u mit meet down on ur way down and u mit need them to help u climb the ladder essence,be nice to everyone...May God help us in dis race! Shalom

    1. Exactly Bunmi. Just be nice. Period. In short, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  2. ****Mufasa Said20 July 2013 at 08:51

    This is a prayer that we ought to say everyday, that our actions today will open doors for our generation tomorrow. Na wa o! FATHER Lord, wherever our helpers are, let them remember us for good o and we ask that u open ur book of remembrance for our sake I Jesus Name, amen. Congratulations to your son oo. I just hope that the "idi amin of a woman" in my office will read this and change.
    Love always.

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Amen Mufasa. Amen! Amen! Amen! My mother in love used to own a restaurant and she would always tell me how sometimes she would let people eat for free because she knew that somehow should her children where ever they may find themselves need help, God would remember her good deeds and send helpers to them.....

      No, we need t lift this woman up to God.......She is no longer Idi Amin, as God touches her, she shall become Florence Nightingake in Jesus name. Amen! No woman should be mean, none.....

    2. ****Mufasa Said21 July 2013 at 00:57

      I tell u o, that woman is a major prayer point for half the staff in that office. I have and will always put her matter to God. Thanx a lot for these inspiring stories, u are really an inspiration to me. All these great testimonies! God be praised o

      ****Mufasa Said

  3. This is so true. Thanks for the reminder

  4. @Mufasa: Let's just continue to pray for her, she may not even understand what she is doing.........The bible says sometimes the parents eat sour grapes but it is the teeth of the children that are set on edge. God forbid we do anything that will set the teeth of our children on edge in the future in Jesus name. Amen!

    @Akibo: Abi? All of us need to remember.....all the time....Thanks Tommie!


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