Wednesday, 17 July 2013

*smh* The Abnormal Has Become The 'New Normal'

This is how I feel at least and I honestly hope I am wrong. But I doubt it. It seems like every where you turn something that would have been considered taboo when I was growing up is now....well, OK. Acceptable. Normal.

Back in the day, you did not wash your dirty linen in public. You tried to hide it and were mortified if any bit of it got out.
Today, the more of your stuff out there the better for you. In fact, people stir up dirt to increase ratings and status.

Back in the day, you had to wait till really late at night to catch 'steamy stuff' on TV. Today just tune to Disney and you just wonder what age group they are targeting. And let's not go into all the movies that are tagged PG!

Back in the day, pregnant women would wear clothes that hid their bellies. Today, if the dress or top is not moulding their  tummies, we are not happy(this one is just bad bele from me as I recall all the atrocious maternity dresses I wore! Lol!).

Back in the day, Mothers looked like mothers and daughters looked like daughters. Today, mothers want to dress like daughters and daughters want to dress like Beyonce forgetting that she only dresses that way on stage. I am yet to see one photo of her on a normal day wearing eyelashes that would make a giraffe jealous.

Back in the day, when you used the word 'gay', people did not even think it could mean anything by 'happy'. Today, if you use the word 'gay' everybody immediately asks if you mean 'happy, happy? or funny happy?.

Back in the day,  culture was culture no matter how educated you were or how rich you became. You knew to respect your elders and how to maintain respectful relationships in the society you come from. Today, just live abroad for a few years and all of a sudden culture bows to western attitudes and behaviours and the family begins to fall apart.

Back in the day, any parent on the street could correct a child and the child's parent would be grateful and might even scold the child on top of the 3rd party discipline! Today, parent's go to schools to beat up teachers for scolding/punishing their children and you dare not reprimand someones child cos you don't know if the mother will 'eye' you and tell you to mind your business.

So tell me, with all of the above and more examples I am sure you can give me, does it not seem like the abnormal has now become normal? This rant is to let off steam. I heard that in some country out there a group of paedophiles have formed a political party and are actually running for government! First of all, how do they come out in public to declare 'I am a paedophile and I want to be your President'? How? This is a man who is telling you to your force that he likes to molest children? Should he not be locked up somewhere far away from civilisation? I mean, is this not just confusion?

*calming down*. Anyway, all of this is part of the end times so I shall not even stress myself or try to understand because there is nothing to understand. The world might be turning upside down but by the special grace of God, I shall not be flipping with it.

How about you?


  1. My dad keeps saying this everyday..that the abnormal is now the norm..abi how do you explain some atrocities around us. I shudder when my colleagues say things like I don't want my kids speaking my local dialect, they need to learn English and French or Italian .....will speaking yoruba, Igbo or Hausa stop anyone from speaking English abi is that not why we have multi linguist people...infact the example is endless....back in the days even at 18 years fear won't allow you have boyfriend, these days a 12 yr old is talking about boyfriend ... It is well

    May God continue to direct us all.

  2. Hmmmmmm. Omo eniyan eronu. mankind please think...

  3. @Sykik: Amen! Amen! I pray over my kids all the time that they will be in this world but not be of the world. It just befuddles the mind sometimes. Thanks for coming by Sykik.

  4. I love this post sis. B.I feel you seriously because I share these same views. Our society is sick and perverted, but the saddening part of it all is that Christians, who are supposed to be the difference, are conforming in droves just to be accepted by all. Like you have rightly said, it is all about the end times, and by the grace of God, I join you to say that I shall not be flipping too.

    May God help us to bring up our children -and by that I mean both biological and non-biological, in the good old fashion way; in the fear of the Lord, and respect for authority. Thanks for reminding us of what is gradually slipping away!

  5. @SistarB: Bee ni o! Humanity think o! Thanks Sis for coming by...

    @Unyime: AMEN!!!!!! Today, it all hit me and I was so burdened by it all but what to do? All we can do is keep asking God to give us the grace to stand our ground and bring up our kids for his glory.....and of course live what we preach......

  6. All i can say may God grant us more grace . i feel ur thots deeply salt.just some few days ago, i watched an american film of a 8yr old boy bein sexually molested by his step father!!!and at d long run,it was discovered that he even had a grp comprisin of some old and young 'sick' men that says they are only tryin to help d young ones(how na!!!!).. i switched off d tv and i just had a burden to pray over my kids asap cos d evil in dis world that is becomin a 'normal' thing can only be overcomed from influencing our own thru prayers and d blood...sometimes i can't even click on some headlines in the dailies impregnates 10yr old,woman caughr sleepin with goat,father buries son alive etc......oluwa jo fi abo re bo wa ooooooooo

  7. We need to pray without ceasing. Charity they say begins at home. Every parent should pray and train their kids in the way of the Lord.If every parent recognizes that their little babies are the future of this country tomorrow, that if they fail in their duties, these kids will be liabilities to them and the nation.Let us remember that our prayers as mothers and as parents can affect a nation.@leesabethjewels

  8. @ Bunmi and Leesabethjewels: I believe that the end of this matter is as my friend Uju said on my FB today, let us just continue to pray AND do our best as God helps us to bring up our own children in the fear of the Lord...your child, my child, they are the men and women of tomorrow.


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