Friday, 5 July 2013

Salt Likes ROTH 2013!

Come and Be Inspired!

(The Return of the Helper Conference for Women is here again! This event is organised annually by my sistapillar, Bidemi Mark-Mordi and it gives me plenty pleasure to invite you all to it. It is really a must attend for all women hungry to fulfill their God given destinies! Please read through for all the information you need and hope to see you there on Saturday, the 20th July 2013!)

ROTH 2013 Newsletter I

It's been six years since the maiden edition of the Return of The Helper(ROTH) Conference was held at the Multipurpose Pavilion in Festac town, Lagos on Sunday, the 20th of July, 2008. The first occasion was an enlightening and successful one, and over the years, like 'fine wine', ROTH gets increasingly better with each Conference! There has been a significant and geometric progression in every ROTH event from the location; to the attendees; to the quality & number of speakers; to the catering and even, sponsors as well as participating organisations. This year's forthcoming edition is no exception.

Over the next seven weeks, this newsletter will highlight informative, illuminating and engaging articles, subject matter and content on the upcoming and previous editions of the ROTH Conference. We hope to remind you why this event should be an annual and important date on your social calendar. We will also enlighten you with mini-interviews of the speakers at this year's event, so that you are better informed of what to expect as you prayerfully plan and prepare for ROTH 2013.

ROTH 2013 promises to be an awesome experience, as you learn principles and life changing lessons to take you to the next level. The theme of this year's event is Exhilarations! Hence, the caption of our newsletter, as we countdown to the Conference is Exhilarations: Released to Abundant Living.

Please register your interest in attending the event at so that details on the next steps to take (including payment details) will be sent to you via your email. Before submitting your registration on our website, do make sure you have filled the form accurately and without error.

The registration and event fee is stated in the advert *above*. This will cover your event materials and refreshments.

Once you have completed payment, please text payment details to 08133602883 and 08087900105.

We will continue to communicate and bring you updates and information on the upcoming ROTH through our newsletter and various social media platforms. As enlightening and stimulating materials flow from us to you, we hope that your 'appetites' will be 'whetted' with thoughts, motivations and inspirations of Exhilarations and as a result, be propelled into a more abundant life in the second half of 2013 and beyond!

We look forward to see you at ROTH 2013!!! Until then, stay blessed!


In our first edition, we'd like to (re)introduce to you the Visionary & Convener of ROTH, and one of the speakers at this year's Conference. Bidemi Mark Mordi ( ) is a Speaker, Writer, Publisher, Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Life Coach with over 15 years' practical experience. As an entrepreneur, she leads a team of staff as the Managing Director/CEO of Verbatim Communications Limited (

The Company is principally involved in the creation, production, development and dissemination of information through various content and context cutting across publishing, media and personal development. WORDS are Verbatim's forte.

Bidemi is also the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Verbatim's flagship product - Effectual magazine;( ) a lifestyle magazine for women with Christian values irrespective of age or status.

Her weekly blog - “ ” is replete with purpose-driven content, as well as, enlightening commentary on general issues, observations and advice on life & relationships. Bidemi's first book titled “Sista Power: Discovering the Power of Collaborations” is a timely and anticipated literature for women; to foster and emphasise understanding, cooperation and communication toward the enablement and empowerment of each other's destinies and calling and is available in stores now.

Bidemi is married to Mark Mordi and they have three gorgeous and exceptional children.

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