Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Salt Likes Leesabeth Jewels by Funmi Olatoye!

'Salt, Salt, buy me!
This one was calling me the loudest!
I am here today to brag on God for Leesabeth Jewels! I am not a full on bling bling person but when I saw this lady’s pieces, I was really excited. But as much as I love her work and am proud to blog about her, do you know what I appreciate the most about Funmi Olatoye? She is a fierce woman of God!

Talking to her reminds me of my Pastor’s wife, Lanre Kosoko. She owns a Beauty Spa but her main goal, as I see it, is to impart godly wisdom into her customers so that they leave her spa not just beautiful on the outside but empowered on the inside! Funmi is like that too! Yes, she sells truly exquisite jewellery sets but what draws me to her is how she manages to ‘edify’ me. I love that: When women meet and are all about building each other up spiritually. I tell you, right now, I am not sure who is helping who in this our relationship! Lol! Funmi? Thank you! Your testimony blew me away yesterday and yet I know that the best is yet to come! I wait with bated breath. To God alone be all the glory for useful and value-adding sistafriendships!

Anyway, all over this page, you can behold some of the the beautiful things that the hands of this woman create. Funmi can be reached @, BB 26137189 , 08182030699 or follow her @leesabethjewels for price details.


Lovely, non?


Salt, no, me! Me! Buy me!

All of them were calling my name but bless God I was able to exercise restraint and only purchase one! And if you know me, the Ibibio-Ijebu that I am, then you will know that Funmi's Leesabeth Jewellery is easy on the pocket!
So do give her call if  and do share the word with your friends and family!
God bless you as you do so!


  1. Salt, All I have to say is that I LOVE YOU very much. Thank you. and yes,you edify me more. I am blessed to have you as a friend , in this journey of faith. Thanks for the prayers.May the Lord continue to strengthen you. mwah..mwah..mwah ... Leesabeth Jewels.

  2. Leesabeth jewels is indeed going places ooo from lasgidi to international oo. May God bless the works of your hands as this is very beautiful and as you know me now, i can picture all on all my party outfits!lol...

  3. @Leesabeth Jewels: Awwgh. Right back at you! I always say to people: You get what you give. And like I told you, God is surely going to amaze. Just be looking as in 'Iwo sa ma wo o'. Lol! Mwaah!

    @Bunmi: Indeed! Are they calling your name too? Lol! Yes, God will bless Leesabeth Jewels more than she knows......and its not just about the 'craft' he has given her...its way more than that. Way more.

  4. Really lovely pieces. She sure is gifted.

  5. I am really inspired. Thanks for sharing this useful and timely information.

  6. She is on Unyime. Plus she is a Pray-er!!!!


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