Thursday, 11 July 2013

Salt Likes BeddingsnBeyond!

Salt Likes LOVES BeddingsnBeyond!

Lovely, right? Wait till you see the ones
BeddingsnBeyond have to offer!

When I come across genuinely good stuff, you know I have to share. People of God, BeddingsnBeyond have genuinely good bed sheets, duvets, towels  and more! You know my experience with them reminds me of how I felt when my son was preparing to go to the African Leadership Academy (ALA) about 4 years ago or so. I looked up their website and read all the fantastic promises and I wondered if this was too good to be true. Trusting God, my mgm and I sent our first born to this school and People of God, I can tell you for free: The promises were good and they were TRUE! But this is not about ALA. It is about BnB! BeddingsnBeyond!

Just like ALA’s site, the promises and pictures on BnB’s website looked too good to be true but even though I did not plan to order anything that day, I did! I just could not resist the lure of the adjectives being used to describe these bed sheets and duvets; I just had to order some. And today, I can tell you that I have no regrets. No, not one!

The sheets do ‘caress my skin’ just as I was told on the website. The colors of the real sheets are just as vibrant as they looked on the site. The customer service is excellent just as promised on the website. And finally, the delivery promise was kept and I got my order on the exact same day that was stated in my order confirmation! You know what? Let me not talk too much, how about if you just click on this link and go experience BeddingsnBeyond yourself? I am confident that you will have the same experience, if not better.

To Zitera and everyone at BeddingsnBeyond, I applaud you all and stand with you in agreement that your company shall be a fame and praise in this generation. This gift you have shall bless many people and enrich many homes. Yes, Zitera, this your God-given Voice? It shall speak to kings and princes in Jesus name. Amen!

O ya o, go and do some shopping!


  1. God continue to bless you Salt, your family and the works of your hand. How do i say Thank YOU? Thank YOU!!

  2. AMEN!!!!!! You are most welcome Hazel!!!!

  3. Awwwww, you are such an encourager, if I may use the word, sis.B. As you help to lift up the hands of others, so shall men lift yours up. Will sure check out this website now.


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