Sunday, 21 July 2013

PapaGod, Do You Agree With Them?

At the top of my list of things to blog about was a blog that asked 'what kind of friend are you?' and this one. I decided to do this one so that I don't let off any angst as the inspiration for the 'friend' blog is still a tad raw. I mean how do you call yourself my friend but after all the history we share  you still do not know what gets to me? You say or do just that thing and actually ask what is wrong! I mean, come on! OK, you see why I don't want to blog about that now? It's hard when you have friends like that......but while some friends are for a season, some are for life, through thick and thin.......and the reality is that friend fight sometimes.

Anyway, moving on. I was at a team bonding event on Friday and there was a fun Awards Ceremony and I got voted 'Mrs. Dependable'. That made me feel so good to think my colleagues felt that way about me and even as I wondered what made them vote me, one question dropped in my spirit:

Nice that your work colleagues think you are dependable but does God agree with them?

That was Friday and even as I walked into church today, that question was still running round and round in my head. And then Dr. Okey Onuzo began to speak and as if he knew my thoughts, he began to outline what God is depending on all Christians to do especially in this season. As much as it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, my work people's vote will not get me into my mansion in heaven. And no matter how good you think I am, neither will yours. So what to do to be sure that God votes me 'Mrs. Dependable'? Below are my paraphrases of the prayers Dr. Onuzo led us to pray today. As you pray them, you will find the answer to this question:

PapaGod, I am an ordinary man/woman who wants to speak for you, my extraordinary God. Give me the boldness to do so in Jesus name. Amen!

PapaGod, as a Christian, help me so that as from today, I shall arise and speak the truth where ever I go regardless of who I am talking to. Help me to do so respectfully yet firmly!

PapaGod, empower me so that I will be one of those who speak truth to Authority so that I will experience change in my life, work and country in Jesus name. Amen!

PapaGod, touch me even now so that I can represent you well everywhere I go. Let your kingdom ways prevail where ever I go  in Jesus name. Amen.

PapaGod, I know none of the above will happen if I don't spend time in your presence. Help me to set aside time to spend with you and your Word so that as  I do, I will gain the wisdom I need to become someone you can depend on to represent you where ever I go in Jesus name. Amen!

So as much as I was chuffed to be Mrs. Dependable, truth is if God were at my team bonding session, I don't think he would have voted for me because as you can see from above, this is not about blogging about God,  posting inspirational FB comments, going to church, paying tithes or being  charitable or nice. God wants Christians who will be like Daniel, Elijah, Micah and the other prophets who spoke truth no matter what. Christians who will speak up for what is right!

Take a look around Nigeria today. If ever we needed people to speak up against all the evil in the land, is it not now? So will you be one of them? Will you be God's Mr or Mrs. Dependable?

The beauty about God is all we have to do is 'show up', He will take it from there. He will take your hand and show you when and where he wants you to speak up and how.


  1. Salt,ur posts have a way of makin me speechless everytime! i can't express what is goin on in my mind now in writing but i just want to say God bless you for your posts(tight hug)

  2. I guess it would have been difficult for all in your office to vote you 'dependable' if they didn't enjoy a feel of dependability in some way. And as you also noted, God's approval is first. Nice week ahead!

  3. God's opinion about us is what off on a soul searching mission.....God help me ...thanks for the prayer points.

  4. ****Mufasa Said24 July 2013 at 23:54

    Truth is u are using your God given gift and that reflection is what ur colleagues have observed. Yes, we all strive for God's approval and it is only when we can honestly convince ourselves that our good deeds truely portrays who we are then we can enjoy inner peace. For me o, u are a good person and I am confident about it.

    ****Mufasa Said

  5. @Bunmi: *hugging you right back* God bless you to dia!

    @Debby: Thank you Sis! Trust your week has been going good!

    @Sykik: Good one Sykik! Time alone with God to shine the light inwards is ALWAYS a good thing.

    @Mufasa: Thank you so much! Yes, and it is that inner peace I am chasing.....The one that comes from knowing you are being exactly who God has called you to be.....


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