Friday, 26 July 2013

How Many Families Are Still 'Pure'?

Yoruba, Ibo, Christian, Moslem, North,
South, Niger-Delta, Hausa. Is your family
still purely one of these?
I had just finished watching the trailer for the movie  inspired by Chimamanda Adichie's book - Half of a Yellow Sun- and one clip in particular stayed with me. There was this huge, angry looking man brandishing a blood stained cutlass walking menacingly towards me as I watched.......I closed my eyes as I thought I could even remember the part in the book that scene was from. You know as much as I love that book, it scared me to bits. It scares me because it is only God that will save Nigeria from going back to that place again the rate we are going. And it was that thought that led me to ask myself the question I am now asking you: How many Nigerian families are still purely one ethnic tribe or religion? Mine is not. Is yours?

If God forbid, we descend into some crazy situation where one tribe takes up arms against another what shall we do? What will happen to our 'mixed' families? I mean, in my family for instance, we are no longer purely Yoruba. In my husband's family, they are no longer purely Ibibio. In fact, none of our families is purely Christian anymore. My sister-in-love has moslem relatives and I have always had moslem aunties (In fact my mother was a moslem. She gave her life to Christ when I was in my teens). I have a cousin who is married to an Ibo lady and I have another cousin who is actually half Efik and half Yoruba. And I am sure that as my younger cousins and relatives begin to marry, we will see even more mixes and combinations in the family. 

My point is this: It is easy to say the country should scatter and/or one side should go its way and all that. But what we forget is that Nigerian families have inter-married and the lines are becoming more and more blurred so that if you organize a reunion of most families today, you might not be able extract a 'pure' slice of any tribe or faith. In mine, you will even have to have the section for those who not only stepped outside their tribe, they stepped outside their country! Yes, that would be my sister, Mrs. Gaska and my dear cousin, Mrs. Kimbis. 

I don't have any answers to the issues of this our country and sometimes, I cannot lie, the country tire me. But thank God He is big enough to take care Nigeria and He never tires. And even though I know many of us grow weary of praying, we must push on. We keep saying we are praying and praying yet nothing is happening. But I think however that BUT for the prayers we are all praying only God knows where we would be as a nation today. That is what our prayers are doing so let's not give up please. We must keep lifting our nation and its leaders up to God. We must keep asking for mercy. 

Because I don't want to experience war like I read about in Chimamanda's book. 

Do you? 


  1. ****Mufasa Said27 July 2013 at 07:29

    God will not let us see war in Jesus Name o. I also saw that preview but i never really thought of what life was like for them while the war was going on. Myself, and sisters are married to yoruba men, (We like good thing #winks.) We will keep praying for this country sha may God always give us reasons to.

    ****Mufasa Said

  2. @Mufasa: *smiling* You see......We are the women uniting Nigeria by fire by force! My dear Amen! Amen! We cannot give up. We just cannot.

  3. Heaven forbid it oh... I saw the trailer too and it was scary, glad that those times are over. We will not experience such in Jesus Name...

  4. Amen o! Amen! God will not let that happen again in Jesus name. Amen!
    How was your birthday? trust you rocked it very well!


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