Sunday, 28 July 2013

Does Your Child Know?

There are very few things that I do that give me the same sense of fulfilment I feel deep inside me than when I am reading to the children at the Book reading events organised by Laterna Bookshops. It takes me back to one very special year of my life when I got to play mommy and wifey FULL TIME! No work, no nothing! I had regular story and prayer times with my two children at the time and it was just glorious I tell you. Glorious!

Yesterday, for the second time, I was reading to children (age 6 to 8 years old) and as part of my ice-breaker I asked the kids to introduce themselves and then tell me what their first names meant. Boy, was I impressed when many of them were able to break their names down for me! I say 'well done!' to all those parents out there who have taken time to educate their children about this. It is very important!

We take such precious time prayerfully choosing names for our children these days. Awesome names like Ifeoluwakitan, Aboluwarin, Toluwanimi, Aniekanbong, David, Beracha, Rereloluwa, Kamsichukwu, Amarachukwu, etc. Please let's be sure that as soon as these precious kids are old enough we begin to tell them what their names mean and why we chose to give them those names. I tell you, the sooner a child understand his/her name, the easier by the grace of God, it will be for him/her to walk in fulfilment of what that name means. Don't you think?

If you agree, let me share some other practical bits of information I think our young children should know:

1. Your names. I have a colleague who shared that when she asked her young son what her name was, he answered 'Mommy'. When she told him what her name was, he found it quite extraordinary that she had the same last name as him! In fact, I think he told her she was fibbing! Lol!

2. Your home address. Never too early for them to know this. God forbid they will ever need to tell someone BUT let's be sure they know it should they need it.

3. Your profession. I just asked my last born son what my job was and you know what he said? 'Being my mother!' Lol! As far as he is concerned I did not have a 'real' job because all I did was sit in front of the computer all day! Even now, I am not sure he really gets the whole Human Resources Adviser thing but at least he knows that is what I am now. Funny enough, he gets his Papa's job. It is way easier for him to understand being the owner of your own company that produces water! Anyway, as best we can, let's share who we are and what we do with our children.

4. Your State of Origin. Just so they don't answer like my son by saying 'I come from Ibibio!' Lol! I was mortified cos he really was old enough to know this but he did not not. Now he does. Your children should too. It's funny cos our sista-moms outside Nigeria are better at this than we are. I have a friend who has lived in the UK forever yet her sons not only knows where they are from, they totally understands the language!

5. Your phone number. My two older children know the phone numbers of my mgm and I by heart. I need to get my last born son to know at least one number by heart too. You just never know and one's child should be able to reel off one of his/her parent's cell phone number. By the way, did you know that 767 is Lagos State's emergency/ambulance service number? Ha! Know now o! And it works too!
Anyway, there you have it. Stuff that, in my humble opinion, our young children should know about us the moment they are smart enough to tell you what programme they want to watch on Disney Channel *smiling*.

So let me close by bragging on God for Laterna for the good work it is doing getting our children to love books and reading. I also hail all the parents, especially the Dads who took out time to bring their children for the Book-Reading for Children! These parents did not just sit there looking bored, watching their wrist-watches. No. They were fully 'present' participating too! Loved it.


  1. @Mubak Legal Consult: Thanks for stoppping by!!! I am happy. Do come again!

  2. The experience must have been amazing.

    I'm inspired and picked up plenrry lessons ;)

    and you last son? Hilariously cute :)

    God bless you for all you do too... I'm bragging on God for you too

    1. It was Tommie. It was. My son, ehn? He is something else....And God bless you too my dear. You have truly become one of my sistapillars.....

  3. hey Salt,
    It's been a while since I stopped by and I hope I would sustain it this time around. Thanks for the advice, will have to teach my son that#summerlessontins#

  4. ****Mufasa Said30 July 2013 at 09:59

    Hmm, life is really in stages. I remember veeeeery well when my eldest sister decided we were going to learn this and she gave us a tough time too. It was lik punishment becoz she made us stand for the hours we had to memorize it. The catch was if u learn it, you will go and play wt the neighbor's kids. Eheen, do u know that I saw my colleague wt one of your bottled water? I just smiled and I said I know this person #see me famzing. Good job you are doing o, im fast picking skills from u.

    ****Mufasa Said

  5. Now, that was a wise elder sister. How much older is she to you guys? Really? I happy to hear that. ICE is going places to the glory of God o! Famz away!

  6. My mum made us learn names and address back in the days..there were no gsm phones helped cos there was this one time my little brother got missing in a gathering and it was those details that helped.

  7. ****Mufasa Said1 August 2013 at 14:04

    She is way older than I am o. 11 good years. So she's lik a second mummy in the house. And yes ICE will go places in Jesus Name, amen. Keep the good work up.

    ****Mufasa Said


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