Monday, 8 July 2013

Coming Soon To The Glory of God - My New Book 'True Confessions'!

Coming Soon!!!! My New Book - True Confessions!
Glory be to God!

I am thrilled to share with you the cover of my new book coming out soon!

True Confessions !

I love all my books but this one holds a special place in my heart for  many reasons. For now,  let me just say this: God is good and his mercies endure forever!

Anyway, the plan is that this book hits the stands on the 25th of August in honour of my mom as that is her birthday. So I shall be working towards that trusting God to perfect it all and make it super beautiful. Many of you will be very pleased to learn that THIS time, the book will be sold at an amount that will be a tad easier on the pocket. I really want its reach to far exceed that of any of 'The Diaries'. Still crunching the numbers but you can trust that I shall prayerfully consider how to price True Confessions so that as many people as possible can afford it.

Please give it up for Bidemi Mark-Mordi and her Verbatim Communications team for working so excellently with me on this so far. I tell you, I was nervous printing in Nigeria for the first time but so far, the experience has been top notch and I bless the name of God for his excellence on this firm.

So what next? How can you help? Well, first of all you can make up your mind that the moment you hear True Confession is on sale, you go forth and purchase it! Lol! Two, you could use the photo as you Profile Pix for a while and hype it for me on your platforms. Three and most critically, you can lay your hand on the cover now on your screen and speak this word over it: As the Lord lives, this book by Salt - True Confessions- shall touch and change lives to the glory of God. In Jesus name. Amen!

Awesome! Now you are a part of my story. My Salt-story! Thank you so much!

About True Confessions
True Confessions is a wonderful yet thought-provoking ‘story-book’ for grown-ups. Its uniquely woven Salt fables might remind you of the ‘Tales by Moonlight’ or the Aesop stories you listened to or read as a child. The Salt essays, conversations with God and confessions are all written in the simplest of English yet they all have the power to inspire deep thoughts about life and your current standing with God and Man.

Bola hopes that as you read through the almost child-like fables; as you reflect on the essays; as you listen to the dialogues between her and God and as you declare loudly her daily confessions, a fresh fire will be ignited in your belly for the things of God. The most exciting part is that tucked away in the pages of True Confessions are little ‘salt nuggets’ of wisdom for each reader to pick up along the way. It is Bola’s prayer that as you take your time to reflect on what you read, you will find every little nugget that has your name lovingly inscribed on it.


  1. ****Mufasa Said11 July 2013 at 05:07

    I sometimes wonder how u are able to juggle all this task with the 24 hrs u av in a day, d kids, ur mgm, work, house activities, ur blog and def. Taking care of urself. Mehn u are trying o! Waat! It seems lik I am running a daycare with just ONE MIGHTY CHILD! So u can imagine the joy I feel when I hit my bed! The Lord is ur strength o!

    ****Mufasa Said

  2. Beautiful one sis. I haven't visited your blog in a while-I have not really done the blog rounds, but today, I decided to take time out and read through as many posts as I've missed as possible. Congratulations on this platform. I sure will share this beautiful cover,but beyond that, not only will I grab a copy, but I also pray that the Lord will cause the purpose for the birth of this book to be actualized. Congrats to you, and the Verbatim team. Sis. Bidemi, is doing a great job.

  3. @Mufasa: It just happens my dear. I can't say that I do this or that. My life just happens and I just have to believe that God is the one behind all that I am able to do...Trust me, I am tired most of the time but mostly it is a 'good kind of tired'....and as for this writing, it is my passion. You always find time for your passion! Thanks my dear and AMEN!!!!!!!! Fear not, you too will look back and wonder how you mananged with your energetic bundle but small small be will be 5, then 10 then 13 then 16!!!! Then a full grown man! Just like that by the grace of God!

    My sis Unyime: First of all thank you for your LONG visit to my blog. I was smiling like a cheshire cat when I saw so many comments from you in my yahoo box. I enjoyed your visit. God bless you. Thanks for sharing the TC cover and I say a huge AMEN AMEN to your prayer. THAT is my heart cry for this book. As simple as the contents are I pray God to use them to touch people and heal complex issues. Make complex issue seem easy. Shed the light into the darkest areas so that light and life might burst forth....oh, I could go Sis. in short. AMEN!!!


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