Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Salt Book-Reading/Signing @ Patabah Bookstores In Pictures.

To God be the glory!

I tell you Ore (Patabah boss lady) and Dami took over 100 pictures and they have shared them with me. Being as my own Paparazzi decided to fall my hand, I am very grateful and am pleased to now share them with you.

So if you could not make it, you can 'participate' by looking at some of the photos. I have only selected a few as I am sure that Patabah will post some more on its own FB page plus uploading photos these days is a major assignment as connection is so slow! Swift o! I take God beg una.....fix this fibre cable problem biko. God will help you all!

So hope you enjoy looking at them!

Click here to look at the photos and as you do send up a prayer of thanks for me to our Faithful God.


1 comment:

  1. Seen the pictures. Congrats once more. God shall always give you lots of reasons to be joyful.


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