Sunday, 23 June 2013

You Need To Get A Divorce!

To be married to Jesus Christ
We must be divorced from sin!
 No, I am not joking. You need to get a divorce and so do I. We all need divorces. Let me explain.

This morning, as I settled down into my comfy settee where I usually do my 'secret time' with God, my eye caught one of my old books on the bookshelf. The Anointed Life by Charles Spurgeon, one of my all time favorite classic men of God. I realised that actually this was not the first time this book had been catching my eye all week. 'Perhaps, you have something you want to tell me out of this book' I said to God  as I got up to get it. I was right. He did.

God wanted to tell me to get a divorce from sin.

For as the 'bride' to be  of  Jesus Christ, The Bridegroom, I could not stay 'married' to any of the junk left in my mental and spiritual trunk so to speak. My family did not make it to church today and while I don't recommend missing church to you, I can honestly say that the soul searching I did this morning probably would not have happenend in church. I had to sit down and figure out why God was saying this to me. When you have been a Christian for as long as I have  been and have been doing all, by His grace, to walk your talk and you get this kind of 'word' from above, you better sit down and take stock of your life.  People of God, I sat down. And I took stock.

I invite you to do same.

Well, unless you know 'all' is well with you and that if the Bridegroom appears right now, your wedding dress is all spick and spotless and you are set to walk majestically (not limping in rags) into the venue of The Wedding Party of all wedding parties! Had Christ come this morning, I believe God knew that my entrance into heaven would not be as grand as I would want it to be. True I am saved by grace and not by works but if I truly love God, I must hate sin and hate it thoroughly. Period. 

So loving and concerned God that He is, He took time out of his busy schedule to come tap me on the shoulder with these words: Salt, you are still married to some of your old sinful ways of thinking, speaking and acting. My child, you NEED to get a divorce! Pronto!

I don't know but he just might be saying the same to you. If he is, please listen.

For as Charles Spurgeon says, we cannot continue 'to trifle with the evil that slew my Best Friend, I must be holy for His sake. How can I live in sin when He has died to save me from it?'

Indeed, how can we do that?



  1. Awesome ma! Going for a divorce now pronto.... *signing d divorce papers now. God bless ur hrt ma'am tnx for sharing this....

    1. And yours Tomi. And yours in Jesus name. Amen!

  2. This is one divorce that comes well recommended. Thanks for sharing.


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