Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Why is Having Faith So Hard When.........

I sometimes wonder why we find it so hard to have faith in God and his  promises when, in our every day lives, we demonstrate faith all the time.

The farmer who takes his seeds and plants it in the soil? Is it not because he is expecting that it will multiply? He has faith in the simple law of nature that says that if he puts his seed in the ground, waters it and tends to it, it will produce a crop. And it does.

The investor takes his funds and places it in some bank, completely trusting in the bank's integrity and financial soundness. He entrusts his money to another's hands and goes to sleep each night with no fears whatsoever. As far as he is concerned his money is as safe and when he needs it, he will get it back. And you do.

When you step into a restaurant to eat. Do you know the chef? Have you seen his credentials? Yet you have faith in his skills and cleanliness. You wait at your table patiently trusting that you will get what you have asked for and it will be as delicious as the menu promised. And it is.

You board a flight to Ghana and as you sit down a voice speaks to you. It tells you its owner is your pilot and it promises you a safe flight. You cannot see this person, you don't even know if he has ever flown a plane in his life  yet in that moment you trust him enough to put your life in his hands. You have faith that he will take you safely to your destination. And he does.

I could go on and I am sure you have some examples of your own that would show how we demonstrate faith in our every day life pursuits. It is clear that we cannot turn anywhere in this life without seeing faith in action between man and man or man and the laws of nature. So why do we find it so difficult to have this same faith in the Almighty God, the one who governs and commands ALL men and all of nature? It should not be so.

Just as we trust in our daily lives, even so are we to trust God.  Truth be told, we should trust God even more. For it is only God that is always willing and always able to help us.



  1. This is food for thought. Most do not think of the different scenarios you have painted as demonstrations of faith. I hope this helps some with their faith perspective. Well articulated

  2. hmmmmm..... I've obviously not been here in a while, changed the url on my blog roll but it won't update from this new url :( I just always remember and come to visit here.

    Just realizing how much we trust people every single day but doubt God. Its sad and something i must work on, its not easy but then i know he would help me grow. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Unyime-Ivy: I hope so too. Me included!

    @Tommie: It's funny abi? We just have to keep asking God to help us.....I don't know why that is happening cos you are not the only one that has said the same thing about the url.......May God keep nudging you all to come by sometimes....*smiling*.


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