Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Least You Could Have Done.......

Humanity is wicked. I mean why else will you run into another human being on a wet slippery road and just take off? This blog is to that person driving that red car that almost killed my mgm today. How could you? You know you hit another car. You know it was a human being driving that other car. The least you could have done is to stop and come back to check that the person or people in the car you ran into were OK. But you did not. You just took off leaving my mgm, my husband, the father of my children alone in a wrecked car with not so much as a backward glance. Really? I wonder what kind of person you are? Did you not even care that you might have killed him?

I guess not.

But I thank my God, my PapaGod for making sure you would not make me a widow before my time. Yes, no thanks to you, my children are able to see their father this evening. While you did not care one bit about me or my children, my God did and I praise His Holy name!!!!But for him, people like you will just go around causing havoc, hitting and running people all over the place. I just thank God for his ministering angels that were watching over my mgm today. But for God's divine protection.........Hmmmmm.......

But still, I just wonder about you, driver of that red car coming back to Lagos from Epe on the single lane long bridge. I even want to give you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you did not see his car because the car in front of you had created a 'tidal wave' from the flood water which had now totally submerged my husband's car. But surely, you must have felt the impact as you ran into him totally taking out his front tyre, bumper and part of his door! Haba, woman, man, the least you could have done was stop...........

But it's OK. You are just a reflection of the kind of the times we live in and I blame you not. As I type the words of this blog, I release you and all the angst I had against you as I tried hard not to think of what could have been and how you would have just left my husband there in a ditch in the rain! But God trumped the devil and so all is well........

But still the least you could have done was prove that you are human and have a heart.......and not leave another human being in distress especially when it is distress you had caused. My prayer right now is one of thanks because as I type these words my mgm is sitting right here beside me alive and well. You can always fix 'broken' cars. Broken, dead bodies on the other hand can not be panel beaten.

People, do not leave your homes without asking for a fresh portion of divine protection. It's our only guarantee.

To God alone be all the glory.



  1. God be praised for protection and safety

  2. God be praised indeed! Thank you Bimbola!

  3. Praise God indeed. But for him......
    Thank you Bimbola

  4. Thank God­čĹ╝that person betta make sure you never find them because if you could say all this in a blog, you would prob talk their ear off while ripping their eyes out. Lol....

  5. Oluwaseun. He is indeed a merciful good. untimely death is not our portion ijn

  6. @In the midst of her: Lol! You know! But the thing is I communicate better in writing so even had I seen the person then or even now, I probably would not have been able to get out my feelings as coherently as I did here....However, about ripping out his/her eyes? Let's just say 'Let them just thank God I know Jesus!'. Thanks for coming by!

  7. Thank God for the gift of life. God is indeed gracious and kind. He's our shield and protector. Thats why He has assured us in his word that no matter the direction, type or ferocity of the enemy, He will always raise a standard against it.

    God will shield us all in Jesus name. All glory to God.

  8. Bee ni o! Oluwaseun gidi ganni! He is the ONLT true source of protection in this life we are living today. Thank you Bunmi!

    Sykik! You nailed it o! He will ALWAYS stop the raging of the enemy for us……Even when we don’t pay attention to him. That evening, both of us, my mgm and I were ‘feeling somehow’ about that trip to the factory. He ‘knew’ something in the elements were not favourable. STILL, he left. May God give us the spirit of discerning AND the grace to listen when He speaks to us……Thanks a lot!

  9. ****Mufasa Said4 July 2013 at 07:16

    can u imagine! thank God for His life o! and thank God for the intercession of a praying wife! The truth is that driver will meet his fate in front! God is not asleep and the laws of sowing and reaping will never cease! My husband had a similar experience but as the driver was running away he hit anoather car and that was how God stopped him for us!
    Your own is to thank God, God's own is to fight for you.

    ****Mufasa Said


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