Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Amazing Power of Confidently Knowing.

(This is dedicated to Omas. Thanks for inspiring me and congrats again! You totally deserved the prize.)

This is a true life story and it happened just yesterday at work. It was such a powerful demonstration of the authority we have as Christians and it totally blew my mind. I mean I was literally standing there with my mouth open and I was not the only one. Let me gist you.

We had come to the final session of an all week departmental programme and it was the fun, rice and stew very plenty part. Apart from that, during the week, there had been a quiz and today was the day when the winner would be picked via a raffle (the names of all those who had gotten the most answers right had been put in a basket). So, the time comes for the raffle draw and my dear colleague Omas announces to the room very boldly that we should all know that the prize belongs to her and that if she did not get it, there would be trouble (this is my paraphrase but it captures what she said well).

You can imagine the loud guffaws that filled the air. Yes, we all laughed at her very well. But she was not kidding and she stood her ground. Anyway, as one of our work place ogas on the top stepped forward to pick the winning name from the little basket we all forgot about Omas and her bold proclamation. Oga at the top does a good job of shaking up the contents to be sure that there was no ojororo and then he picks out a strip of paper, opens it and turns it around so we all could see the name written on it.

Guess whose name was staring us all in the face?

Yes, you got it. Omas! She had won the very nice, very useful prize!

Do you see the power of knowing what belongs to you and claiming it authoritatively? Do you see how standing your ground even when people laugh at your 'faith'  works for you? Do you see how regardless of equal performance (all the names in the basket had done well) the prize went to the one person who KNEW it was hers (even before he had it) and claimed it by fire and by force?

Let me make you laugh. I had done the quiz too. I did not pay too much attention to be honest so I had no expecations that I would win the prize. So you can just imagine how shocked I was when they began to open up the other strips in the basket (yes, people wanted to be sure that all the strips did not have 'Omas' on them. Lol!) and low and behold I was one of the 'winners' but I did not get the prize because unlike Omas, I did not even believe it could be mine talk less of claiming it.

Do you see how as Christians this happens to us too? We don't really pay enough attention to our Bible study so our  knowledge of God's promises is weak. And even when we know the promises, we don't believe enough that we can have them so we find ourselves standing by they keep going to others. And you know what else, I know Omas, she would have researched her answers to make sure they were correct. I believe that is what her confidence was built on. But had any of the other possible winners 'exercised' even a little more faith, any one of us could have gotten that prize. Do you know why? Cos at the end of the day, it was not about 'Performance' it all came down to the luck of the draw! Being a Christian, I call that 'Favour'.

*exhaling slowly* There is so much power in knowing these things. PapaGod, please continue to help us.

So think about it. Do you confidently KNOW what belongs to you as stated in God's word?

If you do, are you claiming them with authority or are you standing by watching them go to others like I stood by and watched dear Omas walk away with 'my' Samsung Galaxy notepad? Lol!

Yes, I am laughing but this what my people call 'serious matter talked about in jest'. Please take time out to think about this yourself and may God reveal to you what you are meant to pick from this as it pertains to your own life.




  1. ****Mufasa Said17 June 2013 at 09:48

    Wow!!!! I like this kind of testimony!!! Make sense mehn!! As in wow!!! Reminds me of a while ago when I had to write a professional exam. I had never studied harder for anything and with all d effort I was putting I thought there was more I dint cover. After the first stage, I heard people disecting d answers to the question and knowing fully well I didn't answer 1 compulsory question I just blanked my mind and when i got home, with anger in my heart I told God "see I don't want to kw how U will do it, infact I don't care but U must do it oh! I will not resit any paper" and I kept confessing it without second guessing myself! And God did it! When others had resits, I scaled thru(God's Grace). Till date, If I ever forget the power of faith, I remember this event and kip the faith.
    Thanks for sharing Salt

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. @Mufasa: And thanks for sharing yours too! You just proved again that this time of FIERCE confidence in God works! It's not about how well we do, God loves to see people who have done all they can and then TOTALLY believe in his ability to work wonders bound by no laws! It's that kind of deep seated trust He is looking for in us...........

  2. I totally agree. We need to take a stand and get whats rightfully out with unwavering faith. Thanks.

    All i'm going through at this point in my life is just for me to believe and take it and God was just telling me this all through last night with the book of Matt.

    Thanks again for always sharing everyday lessons learnt.

    1. We must just beleive. We must take our eyes off the signs and lock them on Jesus Christ. Finish! We already have it....soon we will touch it. Thanks Tommie!


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