Friday, 7 June 2013

Stop Giving 'Them' Power!

As the Lord lives, we shall not
be giving our consent!

We tend to give situations and/or people too much power over our emotions and feelings. This should not be. As we go into the weekend, I would like to add one more thing to all that I shared yesterday about flipping the percentages of our lives around: If we committed to flipping it to win it, please know that we have to take back control over how we react to things. We just cannot let any little (or big thing sef) someone says or does upset us. We have the King of Kings living in us and so without meaning to brag, we are bigger than them! And we need to live and react to stuff like we know this!

More importantly, we have to understand that the devil will be watching us and chuckling wickedly to himself. He knows our weak spots. He knows our triggers. He knows our thresholds for irritation, annoyance, self-doubt, exasperation and depression. He knows us so well that the moment he sees us commit to walking by the Spirit, he knows exactly what to do to 'test' us. The thing is he cannot 'test' us himself. He needs 'tools'. He needs agents. In short, he needs people. Better if they are people close to us. He craftily sends these 'frenemies' to do his dirty work for him. And we, failing to recognise what is going on, fall for it and we allow these people make us lose our cool, our joy, our God-fidence and our peace! Enough is enough. We have got to stop giving them so much power over our lives!

To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, nobody can make you feel sad, inferior, guilty, ashamed, foolish, angry without your permission. If someone makes you lose your spiritual cool, it is because you let him/her. Let's stop doing that. God is taking us somewhere and we need to have our wits about us. We need to be sure that we don't inadvertently abort our own 'pregnancies' by reacting negatively to the evil machinations of the devil. When somebody upsets you, don't focus on the person. It is not about him/her. Focus on the real enemy: The devil who is just using this person to rob you.

Now that we both know this, why would we let this continue to happen? We must not. Lives are at stake. Destinies are at stake. Generations are at stake. So please, let's stop giving the devil the power to 'steal' the promises God has given us.

Please. E jo. Biko. I beg. It's imperative if we are to be all God wants us to be, have all that he wants us to have and reach the heights he wants us to attain. It won't be easy but I know God will help us when he sees in our hearts that we really, really want this. So please, really, really want it.

Shalom and Happy Weekend!

P. S. Please help me praise God o! My only princess made it through and has gotten admission into the same 6th Form school her brother went to! The competition was fierce so we know this is just evidence that God is faithful cos he knows I truly wanted her to have the same experience! God indeed granted me the desires of my heart and I praise Him! God is indeed Able! Be disciplined and refuse to give up on Him!


  1. Blessings....
    it takes time to know, grow and truly understand ones own power and comprehend that what others say about you is not you business but what you say about you (yourself) is.

    Too often many of us grow in situations, households where we are ignored and not validated from that stems a kind of insecurity that sends us always spiraling outside ourselves for external validation and acknowledgment that we are worthy.

    have a blessed and joy filled weekend.

  2. It is true we give the devil too much power in our lives.. The devil or no one can afflict or annoy us,without our permission.. Thanks for this reminder..

    Congrats to your princess on her admission..

  3. Yaaay! Congratulations to your princess! May his name be praised

  4. @Tommie: Thank you dia. Yes ALL thanks and praise to God. He is faithful!

  5. ****Mufasa Said10 June 2013 at 22:50

    Wow! Congratulations Mummy #winks. The kids grow soo fast! Very soon, we'll start gettting invites for graduation ceremonies and weddings and the likes. My mum will say "na for belle e dey tey". God will see her thru and separate her from the wrong friends in Jesus Name. God will def grant us the grace to stand firm while trusting in him.

    ****Mufasa Said

  6. @Rhapsody: Thank you so much for those insights.

    @ Becqui: Hallelujah! Thank you dear.

    @Mufasa: You know! It just so funny cos I still remember these children in pampers! Amen and Amen o! Thanks Mufasa!

  7. Exactly what life taught me this year. I like the coined word 'God-fidence'. You are in charge of your life as mandated and supervised by God.
    Thank God for your princess too.

  8. As mandated and supervised by that! Thanks Anosime for coming by


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