Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Salt's 'War Against Endangering Children in Cars' (WAEC in C)

Please join your voice to mine! Together we can
bring about change in our country little by little!
I have said it before, it irks me when I see children bouncing around in the back of moving cars. I just don't get it. We pray for these children asking God to keep them safe. We say we love them but when it comes to doing one little thing right to safeguard their well-being, we are so careless! It makes my tummy rumble. My first born son does not get it and even this evening he still told me to 'let it go' when I tried to catch the attention of a woman whose little bundle of joy was jumping around in the back of the car. She finally saw me and on understanding my hand signals begging her to secure her daughter, she did the right thing. I leaned back, a sigh of relief. One more little life safe......for now.

I told my son. I cannot 'let it go'. That little life means more to me than my 'feelings'. Yes, I could get insulted or 'eyed' or worse' But I refuse to care as long as there is a little chance that someone might listen to my pleas. As long as life is concerned especially the life of a child. I shall intervene albeit in love. This 'voice' that I have been given? It must speak. And it has chosen to speak out actively against child neglect. The kind of neglect and dare I day, abuse that happens when a child's life is endangered in a car. And that is why I have launched what I am calling the Salt's 'WAEC in C' campaign: The War Against Endangering Children in Cars.  

I know you have a 'voice' too. What are you doing with it?  I would like to invite you to use your voice to help wage war with me? I have no grand plans for this campaign. I just want to use the power of networks. Mine and yours. All we have to do this:

Buckle up please. For your children
For yourself.
1. If you are a parent make sure your children are ALWAYS secured by their seat belts. Young children MUST be in their car seats (please be sure they are the correct car seats and fit properly in the car).

2. In your car or any car you ride in please enforce the use of seat-belts for not just the kids but for all passengers. And not just for those in the front seat seat. Those at the back too! No matter what, Intervene in Love! Don't sit there biting your lip. Be ready to bear the odd looks. Your intervention could save lives.

3. If you are on FB or have a blog, post this to your time line for just one hour or at the end of your next blog post:

Join Salt's 'War Against Endangering Children in Cars (WAEC in C)'. Make sure your children use their car seats/seat belts when in moving cars. Not to do so is actually another form of neglect/abuse. Thank you in advance for really showing you love your children! 

4. If you are on Twitter, tweet this and ask your contacts to RT it:
Join Salt's 'War Against Endangering Children in Cars (WAEC in C)'. Make sure yr kids use car seats/seat belts in cars. Not 2 do so is a form of neglect/abuse. Tk you 4 loving yr kids enuf to 'belt up'!

5. When you do 3 and/or 4 above, please come back here and leave a comment saying' I just waged WAEC in C with Salt'. The more comments we have the farther we know our collective voice is going and we can all brag on God for helping us as we make our voice 'count'.

So will you do it? Will you join me?

Hope so!


  1. Great post but if we are do do a WAEC in C, we are going to need to go a bit deeper and ensure that cars even have seat belts in the first place. I can’t even count how many cars I’ve been in w/o seat belts. 9ja needs to step up ( or even start sef) its car inspections.

  2. @In the midst of her: I know but how for do? We have to start somewhere......Let those who do have seat belts use them.....let those who don't see us waging WAEC in C and be moved to do the right thing too by kitting out there cars for safety.....You and I both know that 'Waiting for Naija or Goverment' is not going to help us right now. We need to save lives now and not later.....

    The thing is that we can do this, some years back, you would see very few people using seat belts in front. Now it is an offense. So ia m confident that if we create this awareness and maybe Govt will step up too, peole will begin to use it at the back too especially for children.....

    Thanks for coming by o ye wise young woman. *smiling* Your blog blows me away sha!

  3. I have also noticed this and it turns my stomach really, i even see little kids in the front seats, Its so not safe. i hope people get the message across! really important.

  4. ****Mufasa Said22 June 2013 at 02:25

    My dear u have to take this to schools!
    Have u ever passed by a school bus with kids in it exercising their right to play? These people claim to be running a private school but aint nothing private about the mode of transporting those kids to and from school! Some buses even have broken windows so u can imagine what happens when the kids get really adventurous!
    May God have mercy on us as my mum would say.

    ****Mufasa Said

  5. You brought this out of my mind. I preach it, I keep on preaching it and then I get told to mind my own business sometimes. But we have to keep on keeping on.

  6. @Tommie: And you can help me.....Pls help me.....There is power in the voice of ONE. YOur one voice + my one voice+ Tayo's one voice + Mufases's one voice and on it goes!

    @Tayo: Pls don;t give up. We cannot give up.

    @Mufase: I know! I have seen such school buses too! SOmetimes I see children lapping themselves and I am like 'Lord, how can this be?'. Don't people check these buses before they leave school..... I am set to call schools about this....Enough is enough!

  7. Truly, there is so much to worry about how the private schools transport their children. I 'll share on twitter and get back. Thanks for the awakening.

  8. Thank you Debby! I appreciate it and thanks for being a super JUM mom too! God bless you real good!

  9. @Atoke: First of all, I am just happy to know there is one more voice out there shouting with me. Thank you! As per your little bundleof joy and energy I am sure.....what to do now? Do you mean he is able to wriggle his arms out of the harness of his car seat? I know I have nothad to use in a long time but don't the car seat belts secure the torso and lower chest areas to the seat. That way, even if his arms are out, he is still safe.....
    If anyone reads this and knows what else she can do to keep her baby safe, do share. Thanks

  10. Mmm.. Its my first time dropping a comment on your blog, although I follow your posts.. I'm going to share on twitter and get back.. But this also hit me real hard!. I just changed my Son's car-seat to graco-junior (For 15kg-36kg) and he hate to sit inside. The last time we fought on it, He wriggled himself out of d car-seat with the buckles still intact.. I was so scared thinking he could strangle himself with d buckles.. I'll keep at it.. But does any mother have anything to share dat could help out?. Thanks a lot!

  11. Thank you Dee for dropping a comment this time. I am grateful. You know I love to 'gist'. Hia! We reallty need to figure out what to do with these little wise babies o! I shall ask till I find. And please if you read this blog and are a mom with a baby who did this, tell us how you fixed it? Thanks again Dee! I hide you and your baby in the secret place of my PapaGod. You are both safe in Jesus name. Amen!

  12. 1. I will be sharing this on my blog with a link back to yours.
    2. Will also share on Facebook and Twitter.
    3. WAEC in C needs to be a full-out movement. It is that important. Maybe you could work on getting an image code bloggers who believe in the cause could copy and paste on their various blogs and websites.

    My kids know to wear their seat belts immediately they enter the car. It wasnt always easy getting them to do that. Some days, they still argue or remove it mid-ride. But we've learnt to make it fun.

    I will be back. Lemme go share first.


  13. Thank you SOOOOOO much Zitera! Yes, I have been thinking about that but had no clue how to...Do you know someone I could work with to do that for me? Tell me HOW did you make it fun for you kids especially the young ones? It seems some moms ara having issues with their young energetic bundles and we need to find a way to stop them from slipping out of their harnesses! God bless you Zitera!

  14. I just waged WAEC in C with Salt'. Very laudable initiative, if we all insisted one by one, we will make the change we seek. God bless you Salt!

  15. God bless you StupendousGrace! God bless you indeed!

  16. Good initiative. I just shared on my blog and I did on twitter. Well done, at least something is being done order than mere talk. We have to start from somewhere.


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