Friday, 21 June 2013

Salt Likes Lansey Beauty Natural Skincare Line!

I have bragged about Lansey Beauty Spa on this blog before and I am pleased to do so again! To read my first blog, you can click right here

This time, it gives me great pleasure to let you know that Lansey Beauty Spa is introducing the LANSEY BEAUTY NATURAL skincare line and the COUVREZ NATURAL body scrub line. What I love the most about this is that these products are made from the finest natural ingredients and DO NOT contain any harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrance or colour.

At Lansey's, the aim is to pamper, rejuvenate and nourish your skin with its authentic naturally formulated products. Lansey has discovered the secret to revealing healthy glowing skin using natural ingredients. Lansey beauty skincare line in conjunction with COUVREZ will deliver to you natural skin products that really work and all at affordable prices.

The Lansey Beauty body products comprises of  Unrefined Shea butter mixed with pure carrot oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, glycerin and aloe Vera. This mix is prepared with unrefined pure cocoa butter as well. Lansey offers natural facial treatments all with natural ingredients to suit your skin type.

For facial skin care, Lansey offers a bespoke line which includes the lightening line for those with pigmentation patches. As this is a customized range, Lansey will only produce it after proper consultation and skin diagnosis. A skin care range will be created and produced to suit YOUR unique needs and ALL from fresh ingredients. This will take 3-5 days from date of consultation. This range includes facial soap, scrub, toner, mask and cream according to your preference.

The COUVREZ range comprises of delicious body scrubs that exfoliate your body to reveal soft, bright and flawless skin. Each jar gives you a spa treatment right in your home. So tell me, don't you want this for your face and body? I know I do.

See, it is not being 'worldly'. In my opinion, God wants me to take care of my body, HIS temple on the inside AND on the outside. Yes, I will build myself up spiritually but Lord knows I shall look good doing it o! IMHO I owe it to God to look good to His glory. Afterall, my God is a G-Good-looking God!

So why not call Lansey today to book your appointment? Here is all the information you need:

Telephone: 01 - 841 7812, 01-295 2953, 08171368895. 08028851403,
Address: Suite 5, second floor, VGC shopping mall, VGC, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

As a woman of God, I am called to be 'empowered on the inside and beautiful on the outside' and I thank God for places like Lansey's Beauty Spa that are set to help all women be just that!
I encourage you to be one of them!  

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  1. i've never tried a spa in nigeria but i'd certainly love to

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