Friday, 14 June 2013

Salt Cordially Invites YOU!

Thank you Patabah Bookstore!
A Book Signing/Reading @ Patabah Bookstores!
It gives me great pleasure to invite to you my very first book-signing/reading event of the year! I shall be signing all purchased copies of my three books in the Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman series.

Where? Shop B18, Patabah Bookstore,Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Surulere
When? Saturday, 29th June 2013
Time?  3pm to 5pm

I am really excited about this event as  I will also be reading some of my favourite bits from the Diary of a DNW in the Year 2011! I really look forward to seeing you there. It will, by the grace of God, be loads of fun and not just another book signing as there will be prizes to be won by those who attend and demonstrate that they have been 'paying attention' *smiling mischievously*. I do hope you can make it! In the meantime, please send up a prayer for the management of Patabah Bookstores; that God should continue to extend their coasts in Jesus name. Amen!

Our JUM 'Smoking Gun!'

The Next Joined-Up Motherhood Prayer Gathering!
Now this one is sort of like those adverts in the papers where the organisers tell the whole world about an event and then end it with 'by invitation only'. Lol!  Joined Up Motherhood (JUM) is what you have when mothers join hands to pray for their children. It is not a social club. It is not a networking circle. To avoid too 'mush inglis' please click on the link above to find out what JUM is really all about. And if you click on this link, you will see how God moved for us all during the first ever JUM meeting held on March 22 2013. One by one the prayers we raised there have been answered and we are confident that many more testimonies await our families. Glory to God! I tell you, I cannot wait till the next one! 

So while this is an open invitation to ALL mothers and mothers to be. The real invite only goes to those who actively signify interest and now that you have read up on us, I am praying you will decide to become a JUM mom too  and join us at our next prayer gathering coming up at the end of this month. To do so simply send me an email @ Once you do, venue, date and time details as well as additional information will be in boxed to you.

So that's it for now folks! My two Salt events in the month of June.........If you cannot make either of them, still show me some love by praying that lives are touched and God gets all the glory!

Muchos Gracias!



  1. WoW, Stumbled here whilst trying to create a blog. Its been a while. God bless sis.

  2. @In the midst of her: Sorry, o!!!!! One day, one day!



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