Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Than Just A Book Reading

Thank you Patabah Bookstores!
I am not sure I can fully describe or explain it but I know that yesterday, I had the privilege of being part of an event that was not just another Book Reading and Signing event. It was a whole load of fun and laughter but still there was something 'deeper' going on. At first I thought I was the only one feeling or thinking it until invited guests began to express the same feelings. Put simply, God was in the house and I thank Him so much! I also thank Motola who set it up and Ore Somolu, Dami, Joy and everyone at Patabah Bookstores for hosting me. As the very first official Salt event, it was uber fulfilling for me.

This morning as I reflected over the event some more, God opened my eyes to see something and it was a real 'aha' moment for me. You see, I invited a whole load of people to this event. From work, from my personal life and of course I used this blog and my FB to invite people to come. Guess what? I only knew 3 people in that room yesterday (not counting my family)! The lovely Chichi from work and Anthony and Tricia from my NaijaSista days. It stung a bit and God seeing my heart wanted to 'kiss it better'.  He allowed me to understand that the fact that people, who mostly had never heard about 'The Desperate Naija Woman' or her blog or any of her books until they got the Patabah invitation, would still be 'interested' enough to come is by far more significant than if the whole place had been filled with my friends & colleagues. Of course, I would have loved to see them but they are already 'my people' and hopefully will always be. BUT 'my SALT voice' has got to go out and reach more people! NEW people! And yesterday, that is what it did. Glory to God! 


I just have to take time to brag on God for Mr. Adewusi who defied all the logistic challenges that tried to prevent him from coming. He did not understand why but he knew he had to be at this event. He was right. He got 'his word' during the very first reading!. Jide was more or less dragged in by a friend. He could not understand why but by the end of the event, he did. Tricia's lovely friend (forgive me, I forget her name now) shared how she had come with some burning questions on her mind. The plan was to meet with Tricia to discuss them. She did not have to any more because by the time we had done all three readings, she had 90% of her answers! Tell me, is that not just God?

There was Ayo, the Art Therapist and Joseph, Kingsley and Pius who 'felt me' when I said my writing makes me so happy all by myself....and Omobola and the other 'Bola and Dawn, and.....*laughing* No, I cannot remember the names of everybody that attended but I remember how you all made me feel. So if you are reading this and you were there yesterday even if I have not mentioned your name, know that I am thanking you! For taking the time to be at the Patabah Book Reading!

But you know what? At some point, I was jittery when at about 3.30pm there was only one person seated! I calmed myself by praying a simple prayer to God and like my first son said 'out of nowhere, the room just seemed to fill up with people'. Yes, every seat in that place was taken by the time we kicked off and at some point my mgm had to offer his own seat as more people came in. So, glory to God I did not have to read to an audience made up my family + 1 *laughing*

But that brings me to another special note. My whole family was there to support me. That had never happened before! And you cannot even begin to imagine how I felt when my first son came up to me when it was over to say he really found the whole experience 'quite inspirational' and if I was ever doing another one, he would totally love to come! *sighing with pleasure* What else could a mom want?

So my PapaGod, thank you so much for the books sold and thank you for taking a simple Patabah/Salt collaboration and turning it into something way more than I could have ever hoped for. But hey! Is it not you Lord? That is just the way you are......going around doing so much more than your children can ever imagine.......Who is like you?

I stand in awe!


  1. I am so glad it went well. God will do what He has to do to put His word in the hearts of those who need to hear it. I couldn't be there because of a church responsibility which I had committed to, but I'm exci9ted that God showed Himself powerfully.

    Well done sis. More strength, more grace.

  2. Thank you my sis! He really did and I thank Him. But you were there with me in spirit.......and thanks for helping me send out that message then. Lol! That was when the place was empty. Lol!

  3. I'm Glad that it went so well, and i would really want to read your books (paper back, i don't like ebooks x_x)

    God sure did show himself. :)


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