Saturday, 8 June 2013

Introducing 'Salt Matters' on FB and Twitter

Salt Matters. All the things matter to me.
Salt Matters is a one stop shop for information on all things 'Salt' for people who do not follow or visit this blog. Salt Matters is purely a social marketing tool as I really am not launching back full scale into that space on a personal level. But if even banks and  large organisations are realising the power of social marketing, I cannot stand by and not tap into that for the work that I believe God has given me to do.

So not to bore you with long grammer, I have created a new Facebook Profile: -Salt Essien-Nelson- today. I did this because for the life of me, I could not figure out how to create my Salt Matters page without having a personal profile (is that even possible?). My plan is to share 'marketing-ish' blogs on all the products/services my mgm and I are selling/offering, upcoming book -related/training events, my 'Salt Likes' when I share my views on products, people or organisations I love and stuff like that. Please could you visit the page on FB and 'Like' it? *puppy dog pout*. Thanks!

I have also created a Twitter account. It's purpose is pretty much the same as above. I have to confess, Twitter drives me mad with boredom but I shall continue to 'bear' it for the sake of the brands my mgm and I are trying to build with God's help- Akimaani, Swagga, ICE, Henry Nelson Consulting, PeopleSmart and now Salt.  The twitter handle is @SaltMatters7 and I would appreciate it if you my dear blog visitor/follower could also mosey on down over yonder to Twitter to follow me.

I think it is wise for me to stress this again so nobody gets upset with me. I have nada plans of getting lost in the haze of facebooking and tweeting again. My main preoccupation is and shall continue to be my blog (as that is quite enough. Lol!). I am just going to be posting stuff from here to those two platforms to reach a wider audience than I have here now. So please do not look for too much personal interactions there. OK?  The focus is more business-like. Thanks alot for understanding.

For personal interaction, we have this blog. The Salt Chronicles is my spa, my house, my boudoir and you are my 'guests'.  Salt Matters on  FB and Twitter? Na markate *said as only the comedien, Chigurrl can say it*


Yes, its just market and I need your support.May God bless you some more as you give it to me.


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  1. Reading this again myself today and realise that SaltMatters has actually stepped beyond the above proposes, God disposes. What's key for me is that I do not step beyond the borders of God's Will for my life.


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