Monday, 10 June 2013

Instill Professionalism In Your Drivers 'The Peoplesmart Way'

Finishing School For Drivers
Saturday, 13 July 2013 @ 9am.
Transforming Drivers. Making them Smart.

Drivers are key support providers and 'safety guardians' to organisations and households. It is therefore ironic that most employers of drivers are willing to place million naira vehicles, as well as their lives and that of loved ones (at risk) in the hands of drivers who desperately need the skills and knowledge to properly perform their duties.

It is my belief that you fully understand the need to empower and upskill your driver(s) as this is sure to boost their confidence and instill a (never before experienced) sense of professionalism in them. Driving is not just 'driving work'. No, Driving is a profession and we at Peoplesmart, the training & development arm of Henry Nelson Consulting are poised to transform your 'common driver' into a true professional.

The Peoplesmart Finishing School for Drivers is our one day intensive but unique programme that has been designed to deliver the above. The next one is scheduled for Saturday, 13th of July 2013 at 9am and we look forward to you or your organisation registering your driver(s) for this session thereby joining our alumni which include Mansard Insurance, Omatek Computers, Brinley & Brinley Dry Cleaners, Cardinal Stone Partners, CMB Nigeria, Pearson Nigeria, Greater Washington Limited as well as personal drivers from staff of Shell Nigeria, IBM, Standard Chartered and Mainstreet Bank.

The programme covers 8 modules:

1. Lagos State Driving & Road Use Laws & Regulations
2. Safety & Security Tips For Smart Drivers
3. First Aid For Drivers
4. Car Cleaning & Maintenance
5. Basic Money Management Tips
6. Ethics & Integrity
7. Etiquette For Drivers
8. Personal Hygiene & Smart Dress Tips

All modules are delivered by qualified and experienced facilitators.

You cannot put a value on all that yours driver will learn during this workshop nor on the feelings they leave with. Their perspective changes completely as it dawns on them that they actually have a profession they can be proud of IF they would only do it the right way. So, if truth be told our N25,000 participant fee is a great deal anytime.

So do send the words 'Drivers' via sms to 0802 501 2999 or 0807 03 63401 and we will call you right back to register your driver or give your more information!

I have to tell you that slots are fast being taken. So hurry!!!!



  1. It's so true. We need to train our drivers more. Funny I too have moved to a new blog n it's hard directing traffic to the new site. Anyways pls check out our new site n please subscribe. Thank you and have a lovely day.

  2. @Ibifiri@ I have learned to just chill and allow the organic process do it's thing.....I shall surely go to your new site.

  3. what is the idea of spending N25k to train a driver who barely make that amount in a month?. You train him to be more cautious while his/her boss who value thier lives more than drive. Not making any sense to me.

  4. Thanks for dropping your comment Anonymous. Not sure I understand the second part of your comment but let me address the first part. Personally, I doubt there are many personal or corporate/corporate drivers that are being paid less than N25K. Stats show that salary range for drivers today is from N30 to N65K with the corporates paying the higher ranges. In fact, of all the participants in our last workshop none of them earned less than 40K.


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