Thursday, 6 June 2013

Flip It To Win It

This blog was inspired by a talk I had with Motola and I dedicate it to a lady called Mufasa (Say it again! Mufasa! Say it again! Mufasa!. To get this, you need to have seen the movie, Lion King. Lol!)

Anyway, I come to say that I have nothing against prosperity. Not one bit and in fact I plan on being very prosperous, very fat and very flourishing! But call me 'old school' I just happen to believe that seeking God ought to come before seeking his 'goodies'. But the truth is that as much I believe this I have to confess that when I look at my walk sometimes, it would appear that my priorities seem to follow a pattern of Body - Soul - Spirit. That is I am spending more time 'feeding' my physical (body) and emotional (soul) needs over and above my spiritual needs. If we are to cross over into our 'Promised land'; if the walls of our 'Jericho' are to fall down flat, something has got to give. We need to switch around our priorities so that we are spending more of our time building up our spirits.We need to flip it to win it.

Funny enough I heard Pastor Ashimolowo say this same thing last night on the telly. Many of us have been waiting for God to take us to the next level. Indeed God himself has told us clearly what his plans are. So why are we still living our lives on a treadmill? Plenty motion, no progress? Simple. It's because our energies are being expended in the wrong ratios. Let me explain. If your full day is 100% this is how most of us are living it:

10% Spirit: Bible Study, Prayer, Praise & Worship, winning souls, cultivating a secret life with God & other spirit building activities
30% Soul: Africamagic, E News, Cooking channel, worrying about the future, gisting, feeling anxious, complaining, Facebooking, blogging, Twittering and all the other stuff we do that fills our minds
60% Body.Eating, Gym-ing, fasting without prayers/bible-study (= exercise in starvation by the way), buying clothes, shoes or going to spa.

If the above even loosely describes your life (as it does mine) then sadly, we are Body-Soul-Spirit Christians. If we don't flip it, we will contnue to go round and round the wilderness o! We need to flip it. Flipping it means we make a conscious effort to live in the Spirit - Soul - Body order. So that when we feed our spirits, our minds  become filled with God-aligned thoughts that we have no room left for negativity and this in turn has a positive impact on our bodies as we begin to glow from the inside out in spite of our natural circumstances.

And you know what else happens when we flip it like this? When we make God our number one priority? When we set ourselves apart from all manner of toxic behaivour? When we choose to focus on God's love more and live in total obedience to him? When we begin to rev up our spiritual lives?

Then my dear one, we begin to win it

So just shine a torch at the pie-chart of your life today and make some switches. Flip your percentages around and see if that change you are seeking will not come. I cannot wait for the testimonies to come rolling in.....and mine shall be the first. I hope you said that with me:

As I flip it to win it, my testimony shall be the first o!!!!!!

In Jesus name, so shall it be!


  1. I kinda wrote about you here do check it out as a little token of my appreciation of that you stand for and what you do. Thanks for always speaking the truth to the glory of God. Keep doing what you do.

  2. It's so funny cos I just left your blog!!!!! I saw it and I am blown away! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will keep doing this as God helps me. Bles you ganni Tommie!

  3. I just read the book you gave me-interesting is an understatement!!! This is indeed purpose at work. Many thanks
    Now I just read this article. Keep up the good work. Really need this order of life, many thanks.

  4. ****Mufasa Said8 June 2013 at 09:15

    Yes ooo! Mufasa is out of the school of sadness and she's never going back there in Jesus Name! Wow! This piece rili makes sense coz even as christiany as we claim to b, we sometimes miss d equation.I know where I need to flip it and I think I shld start asking God for the grace to remain steadfast. Like Kirk Franklin said in "SMILE" I know God is working so I'll just Smile!
    Thanx 4 d inspirational words! #SaltRocks! (And I don't mean lots wife o!)

    ****Mufasa Said

  5. I think this is a major issue in the christian-dom, Like being ¨faithful¨ and just being stagnant, the problem as you have stated is our approach - Body-soul-Spirit, when it should be Spirit-soul- body and we are def going to see a turn around.

    as much as we know we are supposed to prosper, where do we draw the line between capitalizing on prosperity and teaching to be spiritually equipped? because that the way the churches are going these days.

    Yes!! Iḿ gonna give my testimony.

  6. @Mufasa: Yes you are! And no turning back like somebody we know! Iyawo Lot! Lol! Truly let God continue to give us grace but more and more I see that we can be looking for grace all we want, but the way I see it, we really just need to be disciplined. Thanks o jare!

    @In short Tommie, what will be the point of any fame and wealth we get doing it the wrong way if in the end, we don't make heaven? Bless you Tommie. Yes, we shall testify as we flip it to win it!

  7. This your post is my devotion for today, I will be meditating on the words I read here today. After all, it is foolhardy of me to be doing the same thing , same way everyday and be expecting a different result.I am definitely flipping to win it.

    Thank you

    1. Great Sykik! We all must.......Thank you. Thank God.


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