Monday, 3 June 2013

Be Godfident.

Be Godfident! The Lion of the Tribe
of Judah lives in you!
I wish someone had told me this when I was seven years old. Or maybe even younger. Perhaps this simple advice would have saved me plenty of self-defeating thoughts growing up and to be honest I still have to fight them off sometimes even now. If you have a young child, please don't tell him/her be 'self-confident'.  This encourages him/her to trust in his/her own 'self', own capabilities, own talents and skills. On the surface one wonders how that can be wrong. Self-confidence is a good thing, right? 
Right. But what happens when 'self' takes a spill?  What happens when 'self' fails the exam or does not score the goal? What happens when 'self' feels she is not pretty enough? Or does not get the job? Or if dear spouse decides to leave 'self' for another man/woman?  Or 'self' cannot seem to get the business to thrive? Tell me, what do you do when your 'self' fails you? Who do you turn to then? Ah yes, THEN we turn to God! Then we run to Him to make us feel better. To boost us up.
But how bout if we decide to get our confidence from God right from the get go? 
God does not take a spill. He does not fail exams. He does not need a job. Everything he touches turns to gold. God never fails. He does not need a source. He is the Source. I could go on and on but I know you get the picture. God is ALL sufficient. When we trust in Him, when our confidence draws its source from Him, then regardless of what we go through, we know that we are not 'that situation or circumstance'. We are bigger than our circumstances because *singing*
It is our Godfidence  (not our self-confidence) that helps us to face up to all that life may bring our way and because we know that God is not fickle like 'self', we can be eternally optimistic that because 'He lives we can face tomorrow'. So regardless of what anxious thoughts might be running up and down your mind about your future, I want you to talk to yourself and say:
Self! I am no longer putting my trust in you.  From this moment on, I shall be Godfident! Everywhere I go, there shall be a new buzz about me and when people ask me what's up, I shall tell them *singing* 'I have a very big God o and He is always by my side, a very big God o, by my side, by my side'. And it my very big God living in me that defines me. Not my successes. Not what I have or don't have. And for sure, not my failures! So satan, you can go sell your lies somewhere else because I don't have your time any longer. I am going to read my Papa's love letter to me where he tells me I am Royalty!
*pop your collar and walk with swag OR strut a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever* cos when you are Godfident, your walk must match your talk! Lol!


  1. Great post, thank you for this

  2. ****Mufasa Said8 June 2013 at 09:24

    I will definately recite these words to my wonderful son as he grows up. Very soon I too shall be singing my song of Victory in Jesus Name and I know that everything will be alright.
    There's always a lesson to learn wt u and I sometimes wonder how u come up with these words. I can't possibly name them all but believe me, these words u speak av life in them.
    Thank You so very Much

    ****Mufasa Said

  3. @ Lara: Thank you Lara.

    @ Mufasa: Please do. I am certain you will. I was listening to Joyce Meyer and the words she said made me think of you. I used it in my last blog. God has great plans for you even though ALL around you does not look like this is true. You feel stuck. Just BE DISCIPLINED, have self control and don't let anything make you give up on God. Mufase, thanks for your kind words, I don't want to sound corny or overly humble but it's not me. It's just God. Sometimes I read back over my blogs and I just shake my head. I know that I am not THIS wise.....It is just God and I give him all the glory!!!! Hug my baby for me special!


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