Thursday, 16 May 2013

What Do You Know For Sure?

I am about to have a birthday in a couple of weeks or so. Birthdays get you thinking and the bigger the new number is, the more you tend to reflect.  I took special time out to 'think' when I was about to turn forty. Not even sure  I can even remember what I thought about in the end or what conclusions I arrived at. I think the highlight of that birthday was just the fact that I had made it to the big 4-0. *smiling* That was huge for me cos I had, from time to time, bought one of the devil's lies that said I would not.

Anyway, to streamline my thinking this year and to kick off what I hope will be a track record of my mental and spiritual evolution over the years to come, I have decided to ask myself what I think I know for sure about God, life, myself and love. Next year hopefully, I will ask myself the same question and see if and how my 'beliefs' have changed

So today, what is the one thing I know for sure about:

I know for sure that God is really the only one capable of truly forgiving AND forgetting. People forgive eventually but we just seem to struggle with forgetting........

I know for sure that in life, failure is inevitable. I have made some huge mistakes  in my life time but I have been able to let them teach me some even bigger life lessons the chief being that I had to live life in such a way that if anything I did or said  or wrote ever made the front pages of the national papers, it would be OK.

I know for sure that I have an incredible inner core. I don't need anyone to tell me how strong my mind is. I know. Were this not the case, I would be behind bars right now. Prison or Sanatorium, whichever. Plus, I know for sure that I would be very suspicious of any Christian who tries to condone bad behaviour by using the words 'You are only human'.

I know for sure that true, genuine love should not keep records, count tabs or take notes. I know for sure that true love needs to have a selective memory in favour of the positives.

So today, the 16th day of May 2013, as I move towards another milestone, stated above are the four things (well, maybe a wee bit more than four) I know for sure in this season of my life.

What do YOU know for sure? Do share please. Iron sharpens Iron, remember?


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