Friday, 17 May 2013

Stop Describing Your Life

I have been very deliberate about trying to keep my mind in the right place especially when it comes to my health. It's like the moment God trumps one evil report, another one pops up. There is no doubt, the devil is trying to rain on my parade but as the Lord lives, I shall continue to 'jump am pass'. That sly wolf  can keep on huffing and puffing all it wants, my house is not falling down because it's not just built of bricks, it's very foundation is the most reliable brick there is - Jesus Christ, the Solid Rock!

But you and I both know that in the face of the sometimes inclement life- weather, depressive thoughts are like ugly leeches sucking the faith-blood out of you. So how do you save yourself from becoming anaemic faith-wise?

This morning, I decided that rather than spend my time describing my situation with my thoughts (to myself) and words (to others), I was going to spend more time creating my future with my thoughts and especially my words. I had to  remember how powerful my thoughts and words are. That as I think so I am. That, in my tongue lies the power of life and death.

But how about the negative medical reports? How about the reality of empty bank accounts? How about the reality of doing business in a country where corruption thrives? How about the latest employment/publisher/relationship rejection? How about my spouse not sleeping at home anymore? How about me still being single? How about my sick baby/mom/uncle? How about all these hard facts of my life?

I feel you. I see the hard facts of my life. I am not denying them. I just refuse to focus on them and rather than use my words to  describe these  facts (thereby reinforcing them), I choose to use my words to create another set of facts based purely on what my God says about me. I call them my truths.   

So, in this season of my life, I am going to quit describing my life. I am going to take Joel Osteen's advice and use God's word to create the life I want instead. I am going to speak into existence the reality I know God has ordained for me from the moment the cells that would later be me began to split in my mother's womb.

If you like, you can join me. In fact, that would make me very happy. Very.



  1. Post on point as always...and I am joining you on this journey.

    1. Let's go Lara!!!!!! Thank you! I do need company o!

  2. ****Mufasa Said21 May 2013 at 00:53

    the song that readily comes to mind is Donald Lawrence's There is a king in you.
    When all feels like rejection is met at every door, i remember this song and know that there is a great man waiting to be manifested inside me. its like carrying a baby, rather than stealing that of someone else, its beta to go thru d waiting period and the labour so u can tell ur self, God did this and he used me to bring it to life. #just my thought anyway. Stay Blessed Ma'am

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. That is one of my FAVOURITE songs of all time! Thank you Mufasa. I just shared it with a friend who is going through some stuff cos there is no way you can listen to Donald Lawrence sing those words and not feel better about yourself. No way!

  3. You know i also listened to Joel's sunday sermon and this is exactly what he was talking about. keeping your vision in front of you. I am with you on this journey maam, may God see us all through.

    1. Amen!Amen! Amen! Thanks for coming by Akibo Tommie.


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