Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Romance Meets Life: Bola Essien Nelson - Believe the Best of Your Spou...

Just reposting this from Myne Whitman's blog. 

Thank you Myne!

To God alone be all the glory!

Romance Meets Life: Bola Essien Nelson - Believe the Best of Your Spou...: Formerly known as the Desperate Naija Woman, Bola Essien Nelson now prefers to be called Salt, and blogs at the Salt Chronicles . She is ...


  1. ****Mufasa Said18 May 2013 at 08:20

    I tink I almost had tears in my eyes! To tink about d sacrifices that u wld av made all these yrs mostly becoz of d love 4 ur kids. I just had a baby and sometimes when I get angry wt my husband I just look at my baby and kw dat thr has 2 b more to life Than this present feeling(anger) so I just choose peace instead of spiteful words.
    God bless u so much salt. Meanwhile mayne I av always seen u on wives connection but I neva rili came here until I saw ur interview on ngoli and krishi(or so) on ladun's blog and I came here 2 see 4 myself plus I had 2 visit salt's blog 2 kw wat I was missing.
    I'm glad I did
    (I tried posting this on myne's blog to no avail)
    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Mufasa, thank you for coming by. Your baby is precious and I am happy you think of her and it makes you make the right choices......my prayer is that you contnue to make the right choices for you.....for your husband, for the love that made you marry him in the first place.

  2. You need to go read my comments on Myne's blog oooo

  3. I feel like giving you a big hug right now! I just loved reading your interview. Thank you. You have been a blessing. I just left a comment on Mine's blog and I know I had to comment on the original blog. God bless you.

  4. @ Zee: Thanks Zee, I have ooooo!

    @ Bernie: *e-hugging you* Thank youm Bernie, I will go check out the comments now.

  5. So so glad to read this interview, Salt. Perhaps if we share some more this way, many new marriages will go a longer stretch. *big hugs*

    1. Oh, thank you so much Modupe. I agree with you. I am passionate about marriages, keeping them intact as God also desires. If all I can do is share my 'truths' then that is what I will do.
      Thank you for coming by and taking time to leave a message.


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