Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Testimony As God Intended.

I planned to give my testimony today in church. I wanted to share how God had kept me for forty-five years and kept my marriage for twenty. That was my plan. But as perfect as my plan seemed, it was not to be. It was not to be because I guess God had other plans. And guess what? You, reading this were part of his plans. Let me explain.

I promise, I did not plan to be late to church today of all days. I know that testimonies have to be submitted early. But thanks to the missing car key and the almost thirty/forty minutes it took to find it, my family ran late and by the time we got to church, testimonies had been read/said. I was crushed. Still, I managed to thwart the devil as he tried to steal my joy and I did have a lovely day with my family. Many, many messages and phone calls came through but it was while I was talking to my sistafriend, Uche Ilodianya this evening, that I heard God very clearly saying to me: You can still share your testimony, you know. I was like, 'How?' And then he said to me 'Share with those who read your blog'

I am at a place where I don't second guess God. How do I know if it is God? Well, if what I am about to do will bless another human being then I know it can only be God. The devil never wants to bless any body. He never wants the good that God has done broadcast. So I was sure it was God and so here is the testimony I would have shared today in church and it is, word for word as I wrote it on the 'testimony form'. I pray it blesses you.

I just want to express my deep gratitude to God for giving me life and sustaining me for 45 years. Today, 26 May 2013 as I turn 45, I know it is ONLY God. I also give him all the glory for twenty years of marriage (celebrated on 01 May 2013) and three wonderful children! No one can share in God's glory for this. No one! And so I prophesy over the life of the one reading this now (in my church, when you give a testimony, you end by prophesying over the lives of the members of the church):

You will not die! You will live to see your children's children. You will fulfill purpose and your home and marriage will be founded on Jesus Christ alone. Therefore, it shall stand and be a true reflection of God's Kingdom in Jesus name. Amen!

My dear one reading this right now, say a louder AMEN!!!!!!

Yes, today is my birthday and this is my testimony! 

As God intended!

P. S. As I did this, I fought off the voices that were asking me how this blog was giving any 'new' information. Many who come here already know this, the 'voices' said. The voices made sense but I have come to learn that many, many times, the 'voices' make sense. But God makes 'truth'. All I can say is that I am on the 'truth side'.


  1. Happy Birthday to you ma! Long life and prosperity

  2. Happy Birthday ma. Long Life and prosperity..

  3. I shout a resounding Amen..... I am glad you had a wonderful time on your day.

    I hope we all made you proud with our widows mite to the Roziela Foundation.

  4. Yaaay! I posted the birthday message before i read the post, because i forgot your new blog add yesterday x_x! Yes.. on the truth side we are!! Congratulations again.

  5. Amen! May God satisfy you with a very looooonnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg blessed and favored life! Happy birthday Ma.
    No matter what the voices say, God's Word is the truth! Thank you for listening to the truth.


  6. @ Sykik: Yes, I truly did. I had my mgm and my kids all around me and we sat down to lunch for more than 3 hours. At one point, I think they restaurant people might have been tempted to throw out this loud family. Lol! I don't have the final count yet but by Friday Pastor B confirmed that some payments had come in. I just praise God cos you never know if anybody will even put one shisi. lol! Today all my office people have been asking me to extend the 'deadline' so I will wait till the 31st and then let everybody know how much we raised! God bless you real, real good!

    @ Akibo Tommie: Thank you so much! Yes o! Who is on the truth's side? WE ARE!!!

    @ Dr. Lily: Amen! Amen! Thank you so much. We refuse to listen to 'the voices'.
    To God be all the glory my dear. He, it is, that enables us, on this journey. He alone o!

  7. Hi sister Bola:
    I will record my birthday greetings to you here on your blog even though we already had some Holy Ghost time in the presence of God via email :-) God bless you and much love to you and many more years to come!

    1. Oh yes He did! It just bowls me over every time I think about it and read those mails over (cos you know I have read them over and over!:-)

      Thank you my sister from another mother but the same PapaGod! Thank you so much! And God bless you REAL good!


  9. @ Jenny: Thank you darling. How is my princess?

  10. A very happy belated birthday to you. May this new season be the best ever. You just blessed me., May you and yours continually be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.
    Here's to the next 45years..cheers..

    1. Thank you my dear. And a huge AMEN to your prayers..... I am glad you were blessed......To God be the glory always......


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