Sunday, 5 May 2013

May, My Month, My Third Day.

My month, my Third Day.
Last night, I had done about three paragraphs on what the month of May means to me but something in me was not 'feeling' what I had written. So I stopped and posted something else. Today, in church, as Pastor ID Iluyomade preached I knew exactly why God would not let me post about my month last night. It was because he wanted to tell me, via Pastor ID exactly what the month of May should mean to me. It was nothing like what I had always thought all these past twenty-something odd years - Bitter-sweet. My birth month, my wedding day month and the month  I became mom-less. Since 1986, May had always been my month of sadness and joy.

Even as I type these words, tears well up in my eyes for reasons I am not even sure about but still I totally understand what God was telling me through his son on the pulpit today. He was saying that time for change had truly come. The month of May could no longer be my bittersweet month. From today on, May is to be my Third day! Today, Pastor ID helped me 'see things out of God's word' that have truly changed my mindset about my month of May. He brought out the 'rhema' of the words for me and I just give God all the glory.

So what does it mean for May to be my Third day? Let me try and share with you as it was sown in my heart (but I honestly encourage you to listen to it via COD Sermons on Line when it is loaded or better to go get the CD. If you would like one and you live in Nigeria, inbox me at and I shall find a way to get one to you because every one should hear about and tap into the promises of the 'Third day'.

If you look all across the Bible, there are so many accounts of God doing mighty acts of restoration, revival and deliverance on the third day! Even as I try to  share some of those scriptures here, I declare over you as you read these words and tap into them via your faith, that your time of personal spiritual revival is here! I declare that you will experience a raising up in all areas of your life! I declare that you are about to enter a time of restoration in all the places the enemy has stolen from you. I declare that your revived spiritual life will ignite increase in every other area of your life today in Jesus name! Amen!

To keep my blog on the right side of 'too long' (cos there is a bad side, lol!), I will  explain briefly what being in your 'third day' means and then give you the scripture that supports it so you can go check it out yourself. Remember, one of my goals this year was to get us reading our Bibles more. But because I love you and don't want your 'laziness' to go get your Bible make you miss all that God wants to say to you, I have linked the passages. Pls click to read them.

You may have lost much. You may be in pain from wounds, physical, financial or spiritual. The Third Day is the day that God 'restores' You! Hosea 6: 1 - 3:

You may feel beaten down, inferior, left behind by life, always the one that is not picked. The Third Day is the day that God 'causes you to enjoy over-generous preferential treatment. Esther went in to the King's chambers on the third day. She should have met with death - Esther 4:16 . Instead she met with Favour - Esther 5:1-3 

You have never heard God speak. You seek to meet Him. You want to experience the awesome presence of God like the Israelites. You and I know that an encounter with God changes everything! On the Third Day, God comes down to meet youExodus 19:13-18 I don't know about you but I want a divine encounter NOW!!!!

You cannot see where your life is heading. You have no clear vision of that 'place' God is sending or has sent you. Your destiny is unclear. The Third Day is the day you see that place God is taking you. Genesis 22: 2 & 4

I have more in my notes but let me just stop here with my favourite Third Day promise. In this my month of May, my third day, any 'stone' blocking my life shall be rolled way in Jesus name. Amen! You remember that on the third day, the stone was rolled back from over Jesus Christ's tomb, right? Yes, in our lives anything that has been hindering our progress, anything standing in the way of us going up higher in our walk with God, any stone trying to keep us 'dead and buried'  shall be rolled away in the month of May, our third day!

I believe it and I know I shall receive this and every other promise of the Third Day in Jesus Christ's name! Amen!

And so will you if you believe. So do you?

Do you believe all I have just shared? Do you now understand why this month is so important? Will you tap into the promises of my month of May, my Third Day? Our Third Day? You do? You will? Awesome! I am so happy to hear that for it means that clearly, God's Spirit dwells in you for without that, all this will be a whole lot of gibberish! - 1 Corinthian 2:14

Lord, thank you so much for giving me a new way to look at May.  Let all that you have spoken over me and the one reading these words right now 'Spring' forth quickly in Jesus Christ's  name. Amen!

Oh, and btw Lord, those three young men that were dancing to your praise and glory this morning, please honour their fervour! My Goodness! Those men danced till sweat dripped from their bodies! My prayer, as I watched them, was that their zeal to obey you  will be as hot as their desire to 'azonto' in thanksgiving to you! Indeed, so let it be in all our lives, we who call ourselves your own in Jesus name. Amen!


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