Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Vote For President.

I am not kidding. I vote for President.
They showed me a manifesto of lovely dresses via their website.
I saw. I liked. I believed.
I voted via my online payment.
Trusting them to deliver what I had seen, liked and believed.
And what do you know? They did! Again!

As promised. delivered on its promises.
No rhetoric. No stories. No excuses.
They even made a few courtesy calls to be sure!
And I got my order. 
Exactly what I ordered
On the date agreed. The very next day by the way!
So now, I am convinced.
Konga. com is the real deal when it comes to clothes, books and electronics!
So, I vote for President!

There is just one thing though:
Now all I need is for them to somehow help me lose the 5kg I need to lose to fit into the fabulous dressses I ordered without having to give up my oxygen!
Lol! Still, thank you
How I wish the people playing politics in our country could be a wee but more like you!
How I wish they would say what they mean and do what they say!
Oh, how I wish those ruling us would just keep their promises just like you!

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