Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Know What I Have And I Miss Him

This post is for my mgm. True, many more will read it but it is really for him.

It is 01.36am. I cannot sleep majorly because of I have a crazy headache. Minorly because I just cannot sleep. Insomnia is trying to be my BFF by force. But deep down I know I cannot sleep because my body just does not understand all the 'negative space' in my bed. Space that my mgm should be occupying but is not.

You know that song, aint no sunshine when he's gone? In my case, ain't no sleep when he's gone. Who do I hang my arm over? Who do I snuggle in to? Whose body heat will shield me from the cold? Once upon a time, my last born son would 'try' to fill the space but now that his older brother is around, he does not have my time. I thought I would bunk with my only Princess but I know she loves me but she was not interested in me cramping her space tonight. So here I am, alone, awake on the couch, watching 'Life As We Know It (again) and as much as I love Katherine Heigl and Josh Duchamel, they are not doing anything to ease how much I am missing my better half.

I am glad though. Sometimes it takes nights like these to re-affirm what you already know.

It is good to know what you have while you still have it.

My mgm, olowo ori mi, My earthly Oga on the top, I know you will read this sometime tomorrow or on Sunday. When you do, I want you to know that when I was typing these words, I can categorically say that I was missing you. Well, well!  Das all!

To anyone who read this, do me a favour: Take the time to appreciate who you have NOW, while you still have still him/her/them.

OK, let's try and get some shut eye......



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