Thursday, 9 May 2013

I Give Up.

I am not kidding. Today, right now, in this moment, I give up on expecting human beings to love and forgive like God. Myself included by the way.

PapaGod you need to come and tell me how you do it, day in day out. Forgiving and forgetting all the hurts we, your children inflict on you. I know you said we can but do you really mean it? Forgiving is hard enough and then you have the forgetting part? How far?

Just when you think that the pain is gone, just when you believe the worst is behind you it takes one word, one thought or sometimes just watching that one movie and bam! It all comes rushing back over you again. Pain so deep, you feel like wretching. 

PapaGod, do you ever feel like wretching from past pain re-lived? I guess not. You are God after all and somehow you manage to put our past so far behind you that it ceases to exist. If only human beings could do that.

If only.

I am sure I will change my mind in the morning but right now, right here, I shall not lie. I give up on the idea that we human beings have the capacity to love and forgive like God.


  1. My dear sister Bola, all that God has dropped in my spirit to say to you is, "This too shall pass." I love you and you know how I can tell I really love you, I was about to leave my office, it's an hour plus since my actual work day is finished and I had already logged out of all my online accounts. But the Spirit of the Lord said to me, go over to visit Salt's blog and see what she posted today. The rest speaks for itself.

  2. The good thing is God never gives up on us. That's encouraging isn't it?

    1. It truly is Olusola. It truly is.


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