Saturday, 4 May 2013

Being Like God 101: Be A Miracle Maker

I like how Joel Osteen puts it and I shall paraphrase him like this:  'We are never more like God then when we are reaching out to another person, helping, providing, restoring.....'. 

Like you I am waiting on God to do much in my life. I can count at least three major miracles I am trusting Him for but I come here today to encourage you to join me in my quest to be more like my PapaGod while we wait.  Let's be a Good Samaritan to someone even as we wait for God to send our own Good Samaritan our way. Today, tomorrow, in the coming week, consciously seek out one person that you can help. Instead of waiting for your miracle why not go out and create one! Go on my sister, my bother, let's be like our Papa, let's be miracle makers!
Yes, instead of waiting for your miracle, go out there and  BE one in the life of someone else!

P. S. I highly recommend Joel Osteen's ' I Declare' CD.   With it you can declare 31 Promises of God over your life as your drive in to work, while you work or right there in your room at home. Happy Sunday in advance people! It's Thanksgiving Sunday and this is my most special month of the year in a black chocolate kind of way (sweet yet bitter). I was born in May, got married in May, became mom-less in May........*sighing with a smile on my lips*.  Still, by the grace of God, I am going to rock thanksgiving tomorrow like someone who truly knows that God exists and that He knows my name.

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